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12 must watch Kdramas with less than 16 episodes available on Netflix

Are you looking for a K-dramas that are definitely worth your time and has really satisfying storyline? Here are 12 one-season K-dramas with different genres having less than 16 episodes which are also available on Netflix:

1. Squid Game

(Image Source: netflixkr)

Starring: Lee Jung Jae as Seong Gi Hun, Park Hae Soo as Cho San Woo, Oh Yeong Su as Oh Il Nam, Ho Yeon Jung as Kang Sae Byeok, Heo Sung Tae as Jang Deok Su, Anupam Tripathi as Abdul Ali, and Kim Joo Ryoung as Han Mi Nyeo

No. of Episodes: 9 Episodes

Plot: A survival series that depicts a mysterious survival show wherein the players play a traditional children’s game with a breathtaking twist, all players who participated is struggling financially in life, they are competing to get the price money of 45.6 billion KRW.

2. Mad for Each Other

(Image Source: mad_for_each_other_drama)

Starring: Jung Woo as No Whi Oh and Oh Yeon So as Lee Min Kyung

No. of Episodes: 13 Episodes

Plot: The comical love story of No Whi Oh, a detective who has anger management issue he gets involved with a woman named Lee Min Kyung who doesn’t trust anyone and has delusional disorder.

3. Nevertheless

(Image Source: netflixph)

Starring: Song Kang as Park Jae Eon and Han So Hee as Yu Na Bi

No. of Episodes: 12 Episodes

Plot: The story of romance between a man named Park Jae Eon and a woman named Yu Na Bi who has their different perspectives in love; Park Jae Eon doesn’t want to date but wants to flirt while Yu Na Bi doesn’t believe in love but wants to be in a relationship.

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4. Navirella

(Image Source: songkang_b via tvN)

Starring: Song Kang as Lee Chae Rok and Park In Hwan as Shim Deok Chul

No. of Episodes: 12 Episodes

Plot: A healing life story of Shim Deok Chul, a 70-year old former mailman who decides to chase his dream to learn ballet and a 23-year old man named Lee Chae Rok a dancer who pursues his interest in ballet because of Deok Chul.

5. D.P. (Deserter Pursuit)

(Image Source: Netflixkr)

Starring: Jung Hae In as An Jun Ho, Kim Sung Kyun as Park Beom Gu, Koo Gyo Hwan as Han Ho Yeol, and Son Seok Koo as Lim Ji Seob

No. of Episodes: 6 Episodes

Plot: An Jun Ho transfers to the Deserter’s Pursuit team wherein their mission is to catch the deserters. the drama focuses the life and struggle of every Korean joining in a military.

6. Sweet Home

(Image Source: sweethomedrama_offcial)

Starring: Song Kang as Cha Hyun Soo, Lee Jin Wook as Pyeon Sang Wook, Lee Si Young as Seo Yi Kyung, Lee Do Hyun as Lee Eun Hyuk, Kim Nam Hee as Jung Jae Heon, Go Min Si as Lee Eun Yoo, Park Gyu Young as Yoon Ji Soo, and Go Yoon Jung as Park Yoo Ri

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No. of Episodes: 10 Episodes

Plot: An apocalyptic horror series that depicts a mysterious phenomenon of humans turning into monsters and the breathtaking battle of the residents of the apartment to these monsters.

7. Move to Heaven

(Image Source: netflixkr)

Starring: Lee Je Hoon as Cho Sang Gu and Tang Joon Sang as Han Geu Ru

No. of Episodes: 10 Episodes

Plot: A meaningful story of a man with an Asperger syndrome named Han Geu Ru and his uncle Cho Sang Gu who becomes Geuru’s guardian after the death of his father, They run a business called “Move To Heaven” wherein they arrange possessions of the deceased people.

8. The School Nurse Files

(Image Source: Netflix)

Starring: Nam Joo Hyuk as Hong In Pyo and Jung Yu Mi as Ahn Eun Young

No. of Episodes: 6 Episodes

Plot: A fantasy series that tells a story of a school nurse named An Eun Young who has an ability to see human desires in the form of jellies and a Chinese Language teacher named Hong In Pyo who has a special energy. They work together to eliminate those monster jellies.

9. Mystic Pop-Up Bar

(photo credits to jtbc)

Starring: Hwang Jung Eum as Weol Ju, Yook Sung Jae as Han Kang Bae and Choi Won Young as chief Gwi

No. of Episodes: 12 Episodes

Plot: A fantasy drama based on Webtoon series Twin Tops Bar by Bae Hye-soo. It depicts a mystical outdoor bar that helps and heals people through their dreams.

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10. The Hymn of Death

(Photo credits to SBS)

Starring: Lee Jong Suk as Kim Woo Jin and Shin Hye Sun as Yun Sim Deok

No. of Episodes: 3 Episodes

Plot: Set in Joseon era, a drama that tells a tragic love story of a stage drama writer Kim Woo Jin and a first Korean soprano.

11. My Secret Romance

Photo Credits to OCN)

Starring: Sung Hoon as Cha Jin-wook and Song Ji Eun as Lee Yoo Mi

No. of Episodes: 14 Episodes

Plot: A comical love story of a man named Cha Jin Wook, a son of a wealthy family and a nutritionist named Lee Yoo Mi. One day, they got drunk and had a one-night stand, after 3 years they meet again.

12. Zombie Detective

(Photo credits to KBS)

Starring: Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Moo Young/Kang Min Ho and Park Ju Hyun as Gong Sun Ji

No. of Episodes: 12 episodes

Plot: A comical fantasy series that depicts a story of a man named Kang Min Ho who finds himself waking up one day being a zombie, He teams up with Gong Sun Ji to solve crimes and unfold the mystery behind the existence of the zombies.

Enjoy watching mga bes! If you have other k-drama recommendations feel free to share it in the comment section.

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