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Go Min Si sends coffee truck support to Park Gyu Young’s “Dal Li and Gamja Tang” filming set

Actress Go Min Si sent food truck support to her close friend, Park Gyu Young on her filming set of Dal Li Gamja Tang!

On August 20, Park Gyu Young who recently appeared in a legal drama, The Devil Judge has featured on her Instagram story a photos of her looking so genuinely happy with the coffee truck sent by Go Min Si.

On her first featured photo she wrote a caption:

“Thank you, Eun Yoo (her character name in Sweet Home) Min Si.”

Horizontal banner reads as:

“Unni, it’s me! why are you crying, are you touched?”

While the vertical banner reads as:

“I am rooting for all the staff, all the actors, and director. Park Gyu Young Unni please be full.”

On the other hand, Go Min Si designed the cup sleeve with a photo of Park Gyu Young along with a message,

“Everyone’s darling, who’s beautiful in other ways. ❤️Park Gyu Young❤️”

As a response, Park Gyu Young wrote:

“Go Min Si Magician of Language”

Park Gyu Young and Go Min Si became close friends while filming the Horror thriller Netflix’s hit series Sweet Home.

Go Min Si is such a loving friend!

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Meanwhile, Dal Li and Gamja Tang is set to premiere on September 22 at 9:30 PM, KST.

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