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AO EXCLUSIVE: “Nevertheless” — romance ignites between two different individuals

The leading streaming entertainment site Netflix once again served us another romantic drama that will surely capture our hearts and give us life lessons in terms of relationships and love – Nevertheless.

Love comes in different faces, shapes, and forms but, it tends to come in the way we least expect it. Moreover, why does this series make us feel excited and emotional?

Let us know more about the newest drama, Nevertheless, that will give heat to our weekends!

The drama’s official press conference held on June 18, was attended by the drama leads Song Kang, Han So Hee, and the producer-director Kim Ga Ram.

They unveil and tackle the story of what to look forward to in this kind of relationship that does happen in reality.

Adaptation from the Popular Webtoon

The story is originated from a webtoon with the same name written and illustrated by Jeongseo. It is composed of 40 chapters and is available with an English translation.

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Producing director Kim Ga Ram and Han So Hee share that they are huge fans of the said webtoon. It excites them that every chapter will now turn into live-action episodes.

Moreover, Kim Ga Ram said, “Thankfully, they really liked the webtoon and wanted to work with me.” She honestly thought that the two actors resemble and perfectly suit the characters while reading the story.

The portrayal of the characters

Han So Hee said that falling in love can happen at any time and any second. She figured out at the set that emotions arise naturally in between the making of the series as she wanted to act in accordance and instinctively with her character named Yu Na Bi.

On the other hand, Song Kang shares about the weight he lost as he wanted to perfectly portray Park Jae Eon in the webtoon and apply it in the series. He is very well dedicated as he went on a diet to convey the sharper look and icy traits of the character.

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He added, that his role-playing as Jae Eon is a challenge as the character is more of concealing the possible emotions and feelings.

The fiery chemistry

We are witnessing the newest tandem that sets to fire up and sizzle our weekend!

From the day that the drama poster and teasers were first publicly uploaded and released, it already draws a lot of attention from the fans as the chemistry is very realistic.

According to Ga Ram, “They look so natural on screen.” She added that the drama is set for the R-19 viewers for this kind of love occurs and bloom in this period of age.

Lessons for the viewers in terms of love, life, and relationship

Aside from the relatable characters that depict the current dating status these days, we will be learning important lessons when it comes to love, life, and relationships.

This drama series will be an eye-opener and leave a message for the viewers in the most relatable way.

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Netflix officially drops the 1st episode of Nevertheless on June 20.

Stay tuned for the new episodes every weekend!

Screenshot photos of the exclusive interview are via Netflix.

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