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Mystic Pop-up Bar: A heartwarming masterpiece worth every minute of yours

Written by: Alyssa Nicole Caballejo

Mystic Pop-up Bar is a drama based on the award-winning webcomic holding the same title by Bae Hye Soo.

Due to Weolju’s past actions, she is being punished to settled 100,000 grudges that are equivalent to 100,000 people with deep problems.

She nudges the customer by serving them magical drink and entering their dream. Even though the characters’ grudges were solved in the “dream world”, it is still up to them to decide and stand up for themselves.

In her journey, she will meet a special case person named Han Kang Bae who has the ability to make someone confess and will help her meet her quota. Every customer’s story will reveal the past of the main characters.

This drama is all in one. It totally deserves winning in the Korean Comic Awards 2017!

So, if you’re looking for reasons why Mystic Pop-up Bar is worthy of your time, here are my 5 reasons for you:

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1. Perfect cast

All the cast on the show did a phenomenal job portraying their characters.

Hwang Jung Eum never disappoints and showed a fantastic balance of humor and emotion. As well as Choi Won Young who showed his scene-stealing role. And Yook Sung Jae accepting this drama out of 20 drama scripts offer makes this more memorable as he flawlessly portrayed both the kindness and awkwardness of Han Kang Bae.

Even the supporting cast and guests in every episode convincingly portrayed their role well. The casting of this show is one of the best I’ve seen in Korean dramas. I can’t imagine anyone else in their roles.  

2. Chemistry

The chemistry of the trio is no joke and the one I’ll miss the most. It is interesting to see their differences make them so great together. 

The contrasts in them compliment their differences well. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this little family.

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3. Superb plot concept

The storyline of this drama is superb. It is smooth-flowing and consistent. It doesn’t have confusing flashbacks throughout the episodes. It is not like the stereotype K-drama that the whole story deals on one issue only.

I love how each episode has a theme, how each episode tackles different relatable issues and problems. I love how this drama comforts the heart of the viewers as if they know what they’re going through.

4. Moral lesson in every episode

It feels like a breath of fresh air in every episode. Each episode showed a short clip of a story about real life’s struggle and healing; of a battle that no one knows about except yourself. They nudge the customer in the right direction so that they could have the courage to resolve their issues themselves.

5. Roller coaster of emotions

This drama is crazy funny. It’s one of the funniest K-drama I’ve watched. They were able to balance the fun even in the most heartbreaking moments and serious life problems. Every episode will surely make us laughing at first and tearing up after a few minutes. You should prepare for that!

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Mystic Pop-up Bar is a total package!

Have I convinced you yet? This is the sign for you to start watching this drama! You can binge-watch it now because it ends tonight!

This drama deserve more love and recognition!

Featured photo courtesy of JTBC

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  1. A drama that is perfect for all ages. There’s always a new story and new lesson to learn every week.

  2. #MPUB I am not really fond of ongoing dramas, but I tried to watch the first episode of this one. And it really makes me get excited on what will happen next. This is one of the best healing dramas that will teach you a great life lesson. You will surely love this, you will laugh and cry together with the characters of this story. This is a whole package that you should not missed in KDrama world. More more more please πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ still looking forward for season 2 πŸ˜‰

  3. #MPUB ito ang pinakamagandang kdrama na napanood ko😍 dahil madami kang matutunan dito tulad ng sacrifice, love pano magpatawad sa tao at makakarelate ka din sa bawat episode kasi halos lahat nung nasa episode kasi true to life yung mga nangyayaring problema sa atin. Basta lahat lahat na nandito kaya highly recommended ko siyaπŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’–

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