Dubbed as the “King of Melodramas”, actor Jung Hae In is a man of versatility when it comes to acting. He can flawlessly portray each role he’s given even if it’s in different genres.

Jung Hae In is one of the best actors of his generation as he starred in plenty of dramas and films ever since he debuted in 2017. He has proved that he can portray any kind of role he is given.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the acting roles that showed his versatility as an actor through the years.

As Han Woo Tak in While You Were Sleeping (2017)

While You Were Sleeping is a legal fantasy drama that follows the lives of three young adults—a field reporter named Nam Hong Joo (played by Suzy), a prosecutor named Jung Jae Chan (played by Lee Jong Suk), and a police officer named Han Woo Tak (played by Jung Hae In), who has the ability to see the future after saving each other many years ago.

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In the 2017 drama, Jung Hae In portrayed the role of Han Woo Tak, a handsome police officer. He played the second lead in this drama and many viewers praised him for his acting. He definitely stole the hearts of the viewers because of his character’s very sweet and caring personality. Being the second lead, many fans called him a “green flag” after accepting his defeat by Lee Jong Suk’s character, Jung Jae Chan.

You can watch While You Were Sleeping on Viu.

As Yoo Jeong Woo aka Captain Yoo in Prison Playbook (2017-2018)

The dark comedy-drama Prison Playbook follows the story of the lives of the prisoners and duty officers at Seobu Penitentiary and their families. It focuses on the story of a superstar baseball pitcher, Kim Je Hyuk, who is convicted of assault after saving his sister from a sexual assault.

Jung Hae In plays the character of Yoo Jeong Woo, also known as Captain Yoo. He was described as a scary commanding officer after he allegedly assaulted his teammate, which led to the latter’s death.

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His prison mates were scared of him so they didn’t get along at first. Eventually, he began to fit in and started to tell his story to his prison mates.

Jung Hae In’s portrayal of Captain Yoo showed more of his acting skills and he flawlessly played the character!

You can watch Prison Playbook on Netflix.

As Seo Joon Hee in Something In The Rain (2018)

Something In The Rain follows the story of two people namely Yoon Jin Ah (played by Son Ye Jin ) and Seo Joon Hee (played by Jung Hae In) who went from acquaintances to a couple.

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It was in 2018 when Jung Hae In landed his first leading role in the drama Something In The Rain. He played the role of Seo Joon Hee, a character animation designer at a video company. He recently returned to South Korea after 3 years of working in the USA. He then reacquainted with his sister’s best friend, Yoon Jin Ah. They grew closer together and eventually developed a relationship after Seo Joon Hee fell for Yoon Jin Ah.

This drama showed Jung Hae In’s versatility as it tackled a lot of taboos in South Korea. Despite the taboos discussed in the drama, Jung Hae In delivered his role well. Additionally, this is the drama in which Jung Hae In gained the nickname “King of Melodramas“.

Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin also showed great chemistry in the drama which is why it was loved by many!

You can watch Something In The Rain on Netflix.

As Yoo Ji Ho in One Spring Night (2019) & as Moon Ha Won in A Piece of Your Mind (2020)

One Spring Night follows the story of a librarian named Lee Jong In (played by Han Ji Min) and a pharmacist named Yoo Ji Ho (played by Jung Hae In) who falls in love with each other and tried to overcome the obstacles that come their way.

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Jong In and Ji Ho’s relationship wasn’t ideal at first—Jong In is in a complicated relationship wherein she is expected to get married even if she’s unsure while Ji Ho is a single parent to a young boy. As the story grows, the two justified their love for each other and eventually ended up together happily.

A Piece of Your Mind follows the story of Moon Ha Won (played by Jung Hae In), an AI programmer, and Han Seo Woo (played by Chae Soo Bin), a music engineer. The two found comfort from each other, and eventually fall in love.

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This drama also shows the different kinds of emotions that a human can feel.

Both of these dramas are in the melodrama genre and I must say, Jung Hae In’s excellent acting skills are more highlighted in a melodrama. His eyes are enough to say what he feels and once you look into his eyes, he can convey the emotions right through you.

You can watch One Spring Night on Netflix and A Piece of Your Mind on Viu.

As Ahn Jun Ho in D.P. (2021-2023)

The original Netflix series D.P. stars Jung Hae In the lead role of Ahn Jun Ho.

Images courtesy of Netflix

Deserter Pursuit, simply known as D.P., follows the story of a team of Korean military police with their mission to catch military deserters.

Private Ahn Jun Ho (played by Jung Hae In) and Corporal Han Yeol (played by Koo Kyo Hwan) worked together in order to catch these deserters and they end up on an adventurous journey.

This drama is packed with action and adventure. You can also see how dedicated Jung Hae In is in his roles. He also shared that he did boxing for 3 months for this role.

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You can watch D.P. seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.

As Lim Soo Ho in Snowdrop (2021-2022)

Snowdrop takes place in 1987, which is an important year in South Korean history wherein the June 1987 Democratical Movement happened.

This drama follows the story of Lim Soo Ho (played by Jung Hae In), a North Korean agent disguised as a graduate student, and Eun Yeong Ro (played by Jisoo), a female university student. The two crossed paths when Soo Ho went to Yeong Ro’s dorm room covered with blood. Yeong Ro hides him without knowing who he really is.

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Snowdrop is a romance-action melodrama that showed Jung Hae In’s incredible acting. His incredible chemistry with Jisoo, which the fans called their love team as “Haesoo”, is what made this drama amazing and one to watch out for.

You can watch Snowdrop on Disney+.

As Cha Hyun Woo in Tune In For Love (2019)

This romantic drama film follows the story of Cha Hyun Woo (played by Jung Hae In) and Kim Mi Soo (played by Kim Go Eun) who met in the 1990s during the IMF Crisis of 1997.

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They met, fall in love, and continue to cross paths through the year, but for some reason, never end up together. Timing is not in their favor and they continue to do this for years.

In my honest opinion, the character Cha Hyun Woo is perfectly made for Jung Hae In. He portrayed the role very well. You can see the character’s angst and anger through Jung Hae In’s perfect acting. His acting will really make you cry and emotional.

You can watch Tune In For Love on Netflix.

Haeiness! Have you watched all these dramas and film mentioned above? Which of these is your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below!

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