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10 Reasons why you should start watching “My Name” now!

(Image Source: Netflix PH)

Yey! Netflix recently released one of the most awaited series, My Name!

A crime series drama that depicts the avenge of a woman named Yoon Jin Woo. To unfold the truth about her father’s death, she joins the police department to become a mole for the drug group.

Have you watched it already? if not, then this is the sign to start watching it. Below are 10 reasons why this drama is worth watching!

1. Another Masterpiece for Han So Hee

(Image Source: Netflixph)
(Image Source: Netflixph)

Yes! from playing the role of being a “mistress” named Yeo Da Kyung in the hit drama series The World of The Married and the “colorblind” Yoo Na Bi in Nevertheless, Han So Hee is back on the track again to impress us with her acting skill.

He plays the role of Yoon Ji Woo a woman who seeks revenge and becomes a police informant hiding under the name of Oh Hye Jin to unfold the truth behind the tragic death of her father. Han So Hee transforms into a badass woman here and I think this should not be missed!

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2. Ahn Bo Hyun is the Male Lead

(Image Source: bohyunahn)
(Image Source: Netflixph)

Ahn Bo Hyun portrays the role of Jeon Pil Do, a charismatic and tough detective of Inchang Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics.

You might recognize him in Itaewon Class as Jang Geun Won, CEO Jang’s first son, the character who made our blood boil because of his bad attitude towards the other characters however, you’ll love him here in My Name being so tough in catching those bad druggies!

Meanwhile, Ahn Bo Hyun is currently starring as well in a webtoon-based rom-com series, Yumi’s Cells alongside Kim Go Eun.

3. Park Hee Soon’s captivating role

(Image Source: park_hee_soon)
(Image Source: park_hee_soon)

Park Hee Soon portrays the role of Choi Mu Jin, the head man of Dongcheon, Korea’s biggest drug ring in the drama. There’s something mysterious about Choi Mu Jin here, I don’t want to spoil you but whatever it is, I know for sure that you’ll get swooned by Park Hee Soon’s charm in acting here and who knows? you might want to ship him to Yoon Ji Woo as I did.

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4. Girl Power!

(Image Source: Netflixph)
(Image Source: Netflixph)

Han So Hee showed what a woman can do and how strong a woman is through her role here as Ji Woo! the action scenes and the stunts she did were all very impressive.

5. Mind-blowing Plot Twist

(Image Source: Netflxkr)

The drama focuses on the mystery behind the death of Ji Woo’s father. All the revelations with regards to that matter will surely shock you so, brace yourselves.

6. Breathtaking Action Scenes

(Image Source: Netflixkr)
(Image Source: Netflixkr)

The amount of thrill in every episode of this drama is overflowing. from the beginning up to the last episode, I must say that it is satisfying and I’m sure you’ll get immersed with every action scene as well.

7. Ahn Bo Hyun and Han So Hee’s perfect tandem

(Image Source: bobyunahn)
(Image Source: Netflixkr)

From taking villain roles and now to lead ones, Ahn Bo Hyun and Han So Hee proved their versatility in acting. Their tandem is perfect. You’ll love how they eventually fell in love with each other as they go to their operation together.

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8. Shows the Real Issue of the Society

(Image Source: Netflixkr)

The drama serves us as an eye-opener to one of the real issues of the society- Illegal using and selling of drugs. How this issue destructively affects their mental health, their family, and other people around them.

9. Moral Lessons

After watching this drama you’ll realize the significance of being trustworthy and how betrayal ruins every relationship.

10. A Short Drama Series

You can finish it in one sitting as it is an eight-episode drama.

What are you waiting for? watch it now on Netflix mga bes!

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