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Are you a self-proclaimed fangirl/fanboy of anything related to Asian content especially Korean pop culture? Kdrama? Kpop? Lifestyle? Travel? If your answer is yes, then you are what we are looking for!

Be an active content writer of Annyeong Oppa and write to your fangirl/fanboy heart’s contents. 

With the aim to provide more timely and relevant contents to all Korean pop culture fans in the Philippines and overseas, we are looking for goal-driven fangirls and fanboys who can join our growing team.

Current writers and contributors of Annyeong Oppa:

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  • Submitted contents should be originally written by you and not subject to copyright issues.
  • Submissions are subject for approval and may be edited to fit our editorial standards.
  • Annyeong Oppa has the license to publish, post and feature your contents without giving you or any third party some monetary benefits. You will be given full credits as the content owner.
  • Annyeong Oppa has the right to choose which contents will be approved and featured; when and where it will be posted.
  • You are solely responsible for the content you submit. You waive, indemnify and discharge Annyeong Oppa and its administrators from any liability, claims, actions, or legal proceedings, should you encounter any untoward incident due to participation in this blog.
  • All contents should be acceptable by the general public. The following will not be accepted: Graphic display of violence or child abuse; Nudity and sexually explicit or suggestive acts; Visual or verbal profanities; Malicious contents and Personal attacks.