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Welcome to Annyeong Oppa, one of the Philippines’ leading social media hub for anything related to Asian content (especially Korean) – Drama, Pop, Lifestyle, Travels and ultimately, our favorite Asian celebrities. 

The Annyeong Oppa blog started in May 2017 as an extension of the Annyeong Oppa page on Facebook which has gained popularity since February 2016. It’s been known for its witty memes about Kdramas that give so much feels to its readers. And the rest is history.

In September 2017, the Annyeong Oppa website was relaunched to share more timely and relevant contents about Asian pop culture specially made for the Filipino fans which includes Asian-inspired travels, fashion, food, events and other activities.

"Feels kalma. Let's fangirl/boy together!"
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The hashtag seemed to have started from user @TheAnnyeongOppa, a popular Filipino social media icon for Korean pop culture.
If you’re a fan of a Korean drama or Korean idol group, it’s not impossible that you can relate to this online personality. She frequently tweets and posts funny content about the latest K-drama scenes (and actors!).
Ever watched episodes of your favorite K-Dramas and had no one to share your feelings with? Don't worry because Twitter account @TheAnnyeongOppa will totally get ya! Her hilarious tweets will make you LOL and nod in agreement, and the best part? You'll get to fall in love with your favorite K-Dramas and actors even more!
You're probably familiar with the social media page + blog called Annyeong Oppa, a fan site that's dedicated to everything K-drama-related.
One of country's leading Korean pop culture blog sites, Annyeong Oppa, commended GMA's adaptation of hit Korean series, Descendants of the Sun, on a Facebook post shared last February 21.
SO excited to announce that @TheAnnyeongOppa will be taking over our Twitter tomorrow night to live-tweet the first episode of The King: Eternal Monarch!!! Red heart Join us for some fun, ~feels~, and yes, virtual hugs Hugging face #TKEMIsHere

About the Bloggers

Annyeong! Welcome to Annyeong Oppa!

Anj de Leon (a.k.a. Anj Kalma) 

I am Anj and I started the Annyeong Oppa Facebook in February 2016 to release my inner fangirling feels. I am a Registered Nurse in profession and a big Hallyu fan.

I am a certified fangirl of Asianovelas which started during the Meteor Garden (Taiwanese version) era. My fascination in korean dramas led me to start a page and eventually this blog and the rest is history.

At first, I managed Annyeong Oppa alone and decided to accept writers in 2018. 

Featured in: Cosmopolitan PH. Read here

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When she’s off from work as a BPO employee, Jess is a Writer and Head Moderator for Annyeong Oppa Group (AOG), she considers herself a longtime fan of anything K-Pop and K-Drama related. Having fallen in love with K-Pop in the era of Super Junior and Girl’s Generation and become a true fan upon 2NE1’s debut. In the present time, Jess stans DAY6, IU, BTOB, N.Flying and B1A4. Aside from that, she’s also into K-Beauty and is excited to share her feels to all ‘Hallyu’ fans just like her.
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Hi, I’m Hazel! A certified K-Pop fan turned K-Drama, K-Variety, and K-culture enthusiast.
I’m interested when it comes to anything Hallyu related. If not listening BIGBANG, I explore the different hip-hop, and old school Korean songs. As for Korean shows, I’ve had my fair share of various genres but historical or period dramas stole my heart. I’m a huge fan of Running Man and Hangout With Yoo allowing me to encounter different variety programs~!
You can also get to learn more about my new K-discovery or reviews with my writings!

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Annyeong! I am Gezzerree Viado. I have such long name but you can call me Gezai or Gezz. I work in the marketing industry but I am a fangirl 24/7. I am a certified fangirl and love anything that is related to Asian culture, especially, Korean. I watch Kdramas on a regular basis and I am an ELF and a Goldenness. Running Man is my happy pill and I love watching animes with my sisters.

Through fangirling, I’ve met the most wonderful people, who I now consider friends and of course, my AO family too! Aside from being a fangirl, I’m also a certified bookworm. Being a fangirl brought me so much joy and one of them is getting to meet my favorite Korean artists! With my love in writing, I hope I can share more great content with our readers! I want to spread happiness with my fellow fans!

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Annyeong! I’m Sarah Montejo, a certified fan girl for a long time now.  I guess my inner fangirling side started when Meteor Garden Taiwanese version hit PH way back 2003-2004.

I joined Annyeong Oppa Group and became friends with Anj Kalma in 2016. My love for Korean dramas and their culture lead me to pursue my fascination in writing. I officially joined Annyeong Oppa Team on May 6, 2019 and become one of their content writers. I’m so glad to be able to share my feels with everyone who loves k-drama, kpop and anything related to Korea.

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안녕! I’m Annalizabeth “Ann” Awa, a college student who loves to write, read, paint sceneries, and of course, loves to watch dramas and movies.

I started to engage myself in the Korean culture during the 2009 Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers where I found my first Korean crush in the personality of Kim Bum. Moreover, the Wattpad app, which most portrayers are Korean idols, brought me closer to the Korean pop culture as I met my ultimate bias (Kim Myungsoo) and the top group I stan (INFINITE). Now, my lists of favorite oppas, dramas, and groups are gradually increasing but the people who made me love the hallyu world remain on the top.

Using the Annyeong Oppa platform together with my AO family, I will continue to write with passion and dedication to give you updates and feels about Korea.

Let’s fangirl/boy together!

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A Filipina with a korean Heart. I am a frustrated writer who loves kpop, kdrama, kvariety and everything korean.

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Annyeonghaseyo! I’m Shin Reyes. A certified noona who enjoys binge watching on K-Dramas, traveling solo, staying in airbnbs, eating cheesecake and taking self-timed photos.

I love Ji Chang Wook. I’m also a huge fan of the works of Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung, screenwriters Kim Eun-Sook & The Hong Sisters, PD Na Young Seok, Director Bong Joon-ho and Animator Makoto Shinkai. I watch Running Man for a good laugh and considers Reply 1988 as the best k-drama of all time. I love listening to Korean OST’s, Standing Egg, Bolbbagan4, Paul Kim and Epik High. I stan Super Junior, Big Bang, IU and now adding Monsta X on this list.

I have always wanted to write but never got the the guts to make it happen until I came across the Annyeong Oppa team. With the opportunity that was given to me, my very first article was published in February 2019.

In pursuit of my writing dreams, let me share my stories and be inspired by yours. With our common love for all things Hallyu and fangirling, let’s create more beautiful stories together.

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Annyeong Haseyo! Im Marilyn Banalo but you can call me Mawi. I am a certified kpop and kdrama lover.

Fangirling gives me solace when im sad and down. I really consider it as one of my stress reliever. I am so thankful that because of fangirling, I gained so many friends that I considered as my family, particularly AO team.

It is such a blessing to have this kind of platform that serves as an instrument to share my thoughts and feels as a fangirl. I will continuously write interesting articles for our beloved readers/fangirls/fanboys out there! 감사합니다, 보라해 💜

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Hi! My name is Novi Lynn! I am a fan of Annyeong Oppa and officially became a member of Annyeong Oppa Group in 2016. Happy and proud to say that I am one of the writers of AO! The list of my favorite Kdrama actors started with Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk, Song Kang, and doesn’t end with Cha Eun Woo. I will leave you this message that “in case you are having a bad day, listen to Kdrama OSTs, it will make you feel better!” Fighting!

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Annyeong! I am Jon Pasca, a hopeless wanderer, tea lover, somewhat hopeless romantic, and a certified fanboy!

The whole Hallyu wave got me starting high school, and it really did not stop. Watching KDramas all night laughing and crying, jamming through my KPop playlist and simply loving the Korean culture, language and its wonderfulness made me love Hallyu, and now, it dominated my whole life. It became a driving force to move forward each day and a great inspiration to have. Aside from the K-culture, currently I am a big fan of Thai and Asian boys love series and much of Thai culture! It’s a culture very close to my heart.

I joined Annyeong Oppa to maximize my passion in writing and to share a little of my fanboy life to be many’s daily dose of happiness.

Currently, I am a moderator at Annyeong Oppa Group, might as well join us there!

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Hi! I am Noreen, a full time researcher by day, a full pledge ARMY 24/7, and a budding writer/contributor of Korean content by night. Like most of the Annyeong Oppa contributors/writers, I also started getting hooked with Asianovelas during the Meteor Garden craze which was then followed by Full House, Princess Hours and Stairway To Heaven to name a few. I was an avid viewer until 2016 but due to personal reasons I kind of got off the groove in watching KDramas and focused on KVariety shows like New Journey To The West, Three Meals A Day – Na PD for the win! But it was in 2017 that I started to be a KPop fan and it all started with BTS’ and their song Save ME. I was a page admin for a BTS fan page in 2018 and until the first three quarters of 2019. I recently joined Annyeong Oppa since I write for a living, why not write about what I love. And now I am slowly going back to watching Kdramas and reclaiming the feeling of pure bliss and excitement I get from watching them.

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Annyeong! I am Sherilyn D. Vivar, a full-time fangirl since high school. I am currently a 2nd year journalism student in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). As for my fangirling background, I am really not into KPOP and Kdrama when I was in elementary but when I discovered EXO, my ultimate group, everything changed. Little did I know, they will drag me into an all out fangirling journey. I am thankful to be part of Annyeong Oppa team as well as having the opportunity to share my fangirling feels as a content writer. Like other fangirls, one of my goals is to visit South Korea soon. Cheers to our fangirling journey!

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I’m Ro-Anna. An unnie marketing rockstar finding solace from the corporate biosphere, thru fangirling.

Bigbang’s VIP for 10 years and counting. A ravenclaw and introvert at most times.
K-pop tita with a dose of K-drama and a little bit of J-pop.

Let’s talk about BIGBANG, 2NE1, RADWIMPS, YG FAM, Rain, Jessica Jung and Jang Ki Yong over a good cup of latte.

My heart will beat forever for Kwon Jiyong, Sandara Park and Yojiro Noda.

At random days, I’d like to wander and dream. Then I spend my everyday turning those dreams into reality.

Let’s fangirl together!

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Annyeong bes, Sarah Jessica right here! I’m a former exchange student at Jeonbuk National University in Jeonju South Korea for the AY: 2012-2013.

I joined Annyeong Oppa Group on 2019 and after a year, I got a chance to become one of the group’s moderator. I started writing stories for AO since June 2020.

I’m an active news reporter for Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ channel— PUP CreaTV. Yes, I’m a student during daytime and a corporate slave at night!

I have too much on my plate obviously but fan-girling has been my sanctuary and my sweet escape from the reality since 2010. Feels kalma. Let’s fangirl/boy together!

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Hi! I’m Van, a BA Journalism student. Hallyu has taken over me from their mouthwatering food, endless K-Pop hits, binge-worthy K-Dramas, and their rich culture. Aiming to promote Korea and my favorite K-Pop groups, I joined Annyeong Oppa in 2019.

Aside from being a writer, I am also a freelance photographer and graphic designer.

Express your feels!

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Annyeong! I’m Angelie Luarez, a full-time marketing account officer in the corporate world.
Fangirling has been one of my source of strength and happiness. It also helped me meet amazing individuals who shared the same passion as I am. From being a follower of Annyeong Oppa in 2016, I was given a chance to share my feels through writing in 2018 and eventually, built an amazing friendship to this family.
I started as a Kdrama fan in 2016 through “Descendants of the Sun”. Then, I came across to this lovely crown prince from “Love In The Moonlight”. Since then, I became a huge fan of Park Bo Gum. Years later, the Kpop world introduced me to wonderful and talented boy groups, BTOB and GOT7.
Though being a fan is not always rainbows and butterflies, our team hopes that through our posts and articles, you can find joy, excitement and somehow, learnings that you can apply in your daily life. Join us in this amazing fangirling/fanboying journey, bes!
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Hello, bes! This is Sol Raymundo. I started writing for Annyeong Oppa in April 2020. My pen name, Im Sunny, was inspired by BTOB’s Im Hyunsik, and Yoo In Na’s character in the Kdrama ‘Goblin’. I am an ARMY, Ahgase, and EXO-L, and a low-key fan of BTOB and TWICE. I have many Korean actors on my fave list but my heart will always choose Go Kyung Pyo and Kwak Dong Yeon. I also believe that Kang Ha-na, Seol In-ah, and Ryu Hye-young deserve more recognition.
I am not active on my social media accounts but you can still reach me out thru Facebook and Instagram. Let’s fangirl together!
Annyeong, bes! My name is Trixia, a 23-year old Computer Engineer graduate / kdrama trash.
My life revolves around good Kdramas, a little bit of Kpop (mostly from 1st-2nd generation!) variety shows and pretty much everything Korean! I am a 10000% Running Man trash, too! They have saved me and are continually saving me, everyday 🙂
I became a follower of the Annyeong Oppa page and group during 2016, the golden era of Korean Culture in the PH. Luckily, I joined the team last year. Annyeong Oppa helped me release my fangirl feels and also get to talk to the right community! I am a moderator at the Annyeong Oppa group, so better head there and pour your heart out with us! I’ll see you there! ❤
My socials: Twitter, Instagram

Annyeong I’m Kem! A certified fangirl! Wayback when I was still a kid, I remember watching through MYX and dancing along to songs of Super Junior, Shinee, Big bang and a lot more. I didn’t know what fangirling was back then until 2017, I met Sungjae of BTOB in a video clip, and that is where it all started. I became a full fangirl for BTOB and eventually fell in love with Pentagon too (Kino bias).

A certified travel enthusiast just to see my favorites even from miles away.

I was then added to be a part of Annyeong Oppa and share not just my fangirl adventures but my love for K-pop and K-culture. I was given the opportunity to write and to meet lots of great people who share the same passion and love for our faves. Annyeong Oppa is not just an online platform for us writers but also a family to one another.

You might want to watch the K-drama Her Private Life to see a glimpse of how it is to juggle personal and fangirling Life. Thank God, I now have my own Ryan Gold too! Let’s fangirl together!!

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안녕하세여! I’m Albert Jusay, a certified KPOP and KDRAMA fan. I really don’t consider KPop as a genre of music before, because I can’t understand their language though. Until one day, I accidentally watched a clip of a KPOP boyband called BTS since then i became a big fan of KPOP. Also, i started watching Korean Dramas last October 2016 during “Descendants of the Sun” era.

Afterwards, i fell inlove with their uniqueness and creativity when it comes in making a film such as Sound Track, Cinematography, Storyboard, Entertainment Value and Message effectiveness.

“I may not be korean by blood, but I may be korean by heart”

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What made us be part of Annyeong Oppa? Asian Drama and KPop came into our lives. We are all hooked and fascinated by the Asian culture. Through this blog, we will share our feels, adventures, misadventures, recommendations, reviews to anything related to Asian culture along with our contributors.

Connect with us!

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You can also join our exclusive facebook group where you can share your feels and get first hand updates from us. Or, you can email us at theannyeongoppa@gmail.com


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