AO EXCLUSIVE: Nam Joohyuk and Jung Yumi invite fans to a world of unusual wonder and heroes in “The School Nurse Files”

Nam Joohyuk and Jung Yumi along with Director Lee Kyoungmi and Writer Chung Serang participated on the exclusive Netflix Asia Pacific press conference for “The School Nurse Files” on September 24. They are ready to bring fun and comfort to the fans, and to take them in a world of unusual wonder and heroes through the original Netflix fantasy series.

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The School Nurse Files is finally coming over to Netflix on September 25, ready to give fun to various fans in over 190 countries!

The said original Netflix fantasy series star Nam Joohyuk, who is popular with his role in The Light In Your Eyes and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo, and Jung Yumi, who showed incredible acting skill in Train To Busan and Kim Jiyoung: Born 1982.

It tells the story of Ahn Eunyoung (Jung Yumi), the only one who can see a world where jellies are everywhere— the representation or byproducts of greed which some are harmful and some are harmless.

She fights with all the contaminated jellies everyday; later on, it becomes a much dynamic battle when Hong Inpyo (Nam Joohyuk) arrived, who is a Chinese Characters teacher possessing special powers.

They will join forces, when time comes, to protect the school and the students using their special abilities.

The lead cast members along with Director Lee Kyoungmi and Writer Chung Serang participated on the exclusive Netflix Asia Pacific press conference for The School Nurse Files on September 24, moderated by Park Kyungrim.

Nam Joohyuk and Jung Yumi talked about their roles, chemistry, what “recharge” them these days, and many more.

Meanwhile, the director shared how they work hard to make it happen, along with some fun revelations given by the writer.

Roles and chemistry

Jung Yumi was the first one to share about her character saying that Ahn Eunyoung possesses an extraordinary ability to see all the jellies in the drama; she who also owns different weapons to fight against the harmful jellies.

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Meanwhile, Nam Joohyuk described his role as, “Someone who has a unique aura surrounding him but this aura actually helps Ahn Eunyoung by recharging her.”

When asked about their chemistry, Jung Yumi was all smiles when she asked Nam Joohyuk, “The chemistry was great, right?”

Which Nam Joohyuk happily answered, “Yes, we had an amazing chemistry. Even while we were waiting for the shooting to start, we shared many conversations. Because of that, when we started to shoot, we felt so comfortable with each other, and I really think that the chemistry was very special. Personally, I think that we brought a good chemistry of Ahn Eunyoung and Hong Inpyo to the screen.”

Preparations and other revelations

When it comes to the preparation made by Director Lee Kyoungmi, she stated that, “I made a thorough research about jellies by watching other shows and studying it online,” adding that it were all done to successfully bring authentic elements and fun to the viewers as well.

Then, as a revelation, she mentioned that she truly wants to work once again with Jung Yumi and Nam Joohyuk in another project, but she said, “That is not for me to say and that is not us to decide, so we cannot say for sure, I do not know what would happen; that is my personal hope.”

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Writer Chung Serang admitted that she really thought of Jung Yumi as the lead character of the webtoon from the very beginning; and she also praised the two leads as, “They are a perfect duo.”

Moving forward to their favorite jellies in the fantasy series, Jung Yumi shared it was the octopus jelly for her, Nam Joohyuk’s choice was the blue little jelly, the director likes the mite eater jelly, and the writer loves the biggest jelly.

Who and what recharge the leads, and other unveiled things

As The School Nurse Files also features how Hong Inpyo gives energy to Ahn Eunyoung, Nam Joohyuk and Jung Yumi were also asked who and what recharge them these days.

Jung Yumi took the lead by sharing that it would be, “The healthy food and my loved ones,” followed by Nam Joohyuk who mentioned, “The people I loved, healthy food, delicious food, and just by relaxing,” revealing that kimchi is his favorite healthy food.

Then, Jung Yumi also unveiled some other things on the press conference, like, “I did not think that I will be able to act with Nam Joohyuk and I am really happy to have him as my partner. While we were working together, I came to see how he is so quick with his wits and also creative because of these we were able to bring chemistry to our characters and good synergy.”

In which, Nam Joohyuk responded, “I think it was the other way around because I got a synergy through her and all what I did is to follow her lead. With that, we created good team work and it looked like she carried me on her back and that is truly what a great chemistry looks like.”

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On the event, Nam Joohyuk also brought joy and energy to the media who attended the event by extending his hand and making finger hearts.

Final message

Jung Yumi sincerely shared, “After a year of shooting, we will finally be releasing the episodes of The School Nurse Files on September 25 which is tomorrow, I am so excited. After you watched it, I really hope that you will be comforted by Ahn Eunyoung and Hong Inpyo, and we will become your friends.”

Followed by Nam Joohyuk who bid goodbye by saying, “Those six episodes included diverse stories and these will give you different types of fun. Just wait a little bit and you will be able to watch The School Nurse Files on September 25.”

Are you getting more excited to watch this amusing and easing fantasy series upon reading the impressive answers and sharing of Nam Joohyuk, Jung Yumi, and the director and screenwriter?

Experience a new great story of comfort, laughter, and thrill with Ahn Eunyoung and Hong Inpyo in a world with unusual wonder and heroes!

The School Nurse Files will finally be streaming only on Netflix this September 25.

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