Get to Know ‘The Rising Rookie’, Song Kang

Who would have thought that as soon as his career started, he would immediately gain recognition and praises with the apparent talent that he possesses?

Song Kang made his debut in 2017 with the television drama “The Liar and His Lover” as one of Red Velvet Joy’s bandmate and childhood friend. He was then casted in the drama “Man in the Kitchen”, and had cameos in “Touch Your Heart” and “When the Devil calls your name”.

Beautiful Vampire” was his first film together with Jung Yeon Joo. It was released last year and premiered at Buncheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

But what established his name as a “Rising Rookie” actor was his first lead role in Netflix’s recent drama “Love Alarm” as Hwang Sun Oh.

With his warm smile, boyish aura and personality in the said drama, many were instantly captivated by him.

Aside from acting, he was one of the MC’s in the music program “Inkigayo”.

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While hosting the said show, Song Kang revealed that he instantly became an ARMY after he heard and watched BTS performing on stage. “My heart especially fluttered when I saw BTS. I fell in love with their stage“. He even added from one of his interview with SpoTV News, “Everyone is so handsome and cool. I don’t think I can even compete to them“,

He also talked about BTS Kim Seokjin being his senior in the department. He saw him once before and praised Jin’s visual.

Despite being well-known for his good looks, he humbly states that there are many handsome guys other than him that is worth the compliment.

If you are also one of those who is excited for his next drama, don’t worry bes! Song Kang is set to star in “Sweet Home”, another webtoon adaptation drama.

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