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5 Korean Drama Series Featuring Shin Hye Sun as Main Lead

South Korean actress Shin Hye Sun, who previously starred on a drama series Still 17 which took place last 2018 is gracing us once again with her extravagant talent.

The actress is also the lead of the ongoing series ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ alongside his leadingman Infinite’s Kim Myungsoo (L).

Angel’s Love Mission: Love tells the story of angel named Dan (Kim Myungsoo) who meet Lee Seo Yeon (Shin Hye Sun). Dan’s mission is to let Seo Yeon learn how to love. Not knowing that both of them will learn to depend on each other and started to fall in love.

The drama ranks no.1 on wednesday and thursday slot as per Nielsen Korea. Why not? Because the artists acting are superb and amazing. Most of Shin Hye Sun’s previous drama have the highest ratings.

With that let’s get to know actress Shin Hye Sun’s other movie and drama series:

1. She debuted on School 2013 series.

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2. Her first main lead drama series is My Golden Life way back 2017 alongside actor Park Shi Hoo. This drama is a major hit in South Korea which leads the actress to gained more popularity.

(Photo credit

3. On 2018, she made her way to another lead roles in Still 17 and Hymn of Death.

(Still 17 photo credit watermarked)

(Hymn of Death photo credit watermarked)

4. On 2019, another big year for unnie as she continue to grace us with her spectacular talent in Angel’s Love Mission: Love.

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Indeed, Shin Hye Sun is a very talented actress of her generation!

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