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9 Best romantic-action K-dramas to have in your watchlist!

Making a fantastic watchlist for new K-drama fans is frequently difficult. We hope this list will assist you in locating the dramas you want!

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If you’re a K-drama fan, you’ve undoubtedly seen all of the dramas mentioned below; if not, it’s time to add them to your watchlist!

City Hunter (2011)

Lee Yoonsung is an MIT graduate who works for the Blue House’s foreign communications team. With his surrogate father Lee Jinpyo, he plots vengeance against five politicians who caused his father’s murder, and eventually becomes a ‘City Hunter’.

Image Source: SBS

The drama is all about who hunts out and removes bad individuals in society. The plot is thrilling and climactic, featuring amazing action scenes and a lovely love tale. It’s certainly worth your time to see.

Healer (2014)

Kim Moonho is a well-known reporter for a big broadcasting business. One day, he discovers the truth about a case from the past. He goes out of his way to aid those who are connected to the case. He agonizes over the truth and his convictions while doing so.

This illicit night courier goes by the nickname ‘Healer’, and he does whatever his customers desire. Everything changed, however, when he fell in love with Chae Youngshin, the girl he was supposed to be protecting.

Image Source: KBS2

One of the reasons for the drama’s popularity is the lead couple’s obvious connection. Ji Changwook‘s action and mystery acting talents left spectators gasping for air, and he earned a larger fan following as a result.

Yongpal (2015)

Kim Taehyun is a gifted surgeon. He adopts the code name Yongpal and offers his medical skills to those in need of medical attention but who cannot do so publicly, dealing with criminals and corrupt plutocrats. Taehyun is desperate for money to pay for his sister’s medical bills.

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He joins a group of unscrupulous doctors to save chaebol heiress Han Yeojin from a medically induced coma, but this has unforeseen effects.

Image Source: SBS

It’s the love story of Sleeping Beauty, a wealthy and powerful outspoken woman and a poor and fleeing doctor. With elements of retribution and romance, the drama is entertaining and a must-watch!

Descendants of the Sun (2016)

When Yoo Shijin, the captain of a Korean special forces unit, and his buddy and fellow soldier Seo Daeyoung arrest a thief on their day off, they have a fortuitous meeting with Kang Moyeon, a hospital trauma surgeon.

But it doesn’t take long for the pair to learn they have opposing viewpoints on human life, with Shijin killing to save lives and Moyeon doing everything she can to rescue them.

Image Source: KBS2

It depicts the experiences of young soldiers and physicians who yearn for love and achievement in a strange nation while living in a harsh environment. You’ll fawn over the lead couple’s chemistry and exquisite love tale. It’s a simple drama that will have you glued to your screen until the very end.

Memories of the Alhambra (2018)

Yoo Jin Woo, a video game developer with a degree in engineering, is the CEO of an investing firm. He goes on a business trip to Granada, Spain, in pursuit of the enigmatic developer of an amazing augmented-reality video game after his best buddy betrays him.

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Hee Joo was a classical guitarist who moved to Spain to pursue her education. She works a variety of jobs to support herself when her parents die, including operating the old hostel. They become entangled in a bizarre case and discover that their fates are intertwined.

Image Source: tvN

The drama’s strength is its surprising and enigmatic plot, as well as its fantastic spectacular effects and settings. Throughout the drama, viewers are pondering where the story is heading and how it may finish.

Come and Hug Me (2018)

Yoon Namoo was a seemingly quiet and mysterious boy whose father was a psychopath serial killer. He meets his polar opposite in Gil Nakwon, a daughter of a popular actress.

But, when Namoo’s father Yoon Heejae, a man who has a twisted affection for his son, murders Nakwon’s parents their short love comes to an end.

Image Source: MBC

The two lovers have held on to the precious memories of when they were together but, connected by a tragic fate they must try to overcome the stigma and hardships they will face.

Vagabond (2019)

Cha Dalgeon is a stunt performer who aspires to be a world-renowned action star. His job is in shambles, and he is attempting to care for his nephew as his guardian.

Go Haeri is a member of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) who is presently working secretly at the Korean embassy in Morocco. Cha Dalgeon and Go Haeri soon discover a far darker and dangerous plot than they had anticipated.

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Image Source: SBS

Helpless citizens are victims of unjust circumstances, and they fight back against villains who even control the government. Between explosions, rushing sequences, and unexpected turns, viewers hardly have time to catch their breath.

Crash Landing On You (2019)

It is about a South Korean chaebol heiress, Yoon Seri, who, while paragliding in Seoul, South Korea, is swept up in a sudden storm, crash-lands in the North Korean portion of the DMZ, and meets an army captain in the Korean People’s Army, Ri Jeonghyeok, who decides he will help her hide.

Image Source: tvN

The storyline’s cross-border border features provide lots of opportunity for curiosity and amusement, which is skillfully done. It’s wonderful to see aspects of obvious riches in Pyongyang and in everyday living outside of the capital.

Vincenzo (2021)

Vincenzo Cassano, is a lawyer who works as a consigliere for the Mafia. He escapes to South Korea as a result of a mafia conflict. He becomes connected with Lawyer Hong Chayoung in South Korea.

Lawyer Hong Chayoung is the kind of lawyer who will go to any length to win a case. Vincenzo Cassano is smitten by her. In his unique manner, he accomplishes social justice.

Image Source: tvN

This dark-comedy drama has captivated audiences. With the assistance of funny characters and cunning methods, the characters struggle against the corrupted and powerful BABEL group to get retribution. If you enjoy offbeat humor and wicked villains being punished, this is a must-see.

Comment below which one you would recommend to a friend to see!

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  1. Your taste and mine are right in tune! Particularly glad you included City Hunter. I would have added Faith (aka The Great Doctor), my personal favorite in terms of a slow growing, incredibly sweet romance with lots of action.

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