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8 meaningful songs of Kim Sejeong that can bring comfort and hope to everyone!

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We definitely can’t hide the fact that Kim Sejeong is one of the talented and charming artist in Korean entertainment industry. A versatile actress and a great singer- songwriter under Jellyfish Entertainment.

Not only her smile can brighten up your day but also her songs as well. It has the power to inspire and comfort anyone who listens to it.

Here are comforting and meaningful songs of Kim Sejeong that are worth to add on your playlist:

1. Whale

A ballad song was released in 2020. It is a song with a heartfelt message for those who have lost themselves along the way. This song was penned and composed by herself hoping that everyone who listens to it will find the pieces of themselves little by little and take the song as their source of strength to keep on moving.

I will shine the way for you don’t let me drift away

Could you wake the light in you in this moment with me

I’ve been always there for you won’t let you drift away

It’s so bright I will be wishing tonight

To break away, hope you’ll find me”

Whale symbolizes the power of strength and healing, so I hope you’ll find strength and healing as you listen to this song.

2. Tunnel

Released in 2019 in collaboration with Kim Sejeong and Dingo Music. A comforting song for everyone who is having a hard time in life, those who are passing through the dark tunnel of life.

After the wind that was too cold

There will be much more beautiful flowers

Looking back the fading scars

Hope we can talk with smiles

At the end of the tunnel

Whatever you are facing right now, always remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel, keep on moving forward I’m sure better days are yet to come.

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3. Hopes for Tomorrow

One of the songs under her 1st mini-album “Plant” was released in 2020. The message of the song is very deep as she wrote this song during her darkest days. She wants to bring hope to those who are hopeless facing challenges and difficulties in life.

“The hard time at the end of the day, wrapped in my own heart

The smile I’ve forgotten for a while will come back to you now

So I’m fine today, I have tomorrow, I’m fine today

I’m fine today.”

Don’t lose hope, have faith for a better tomorrow!

4. Swim Away

Another track under her first mini-album “Plant”. Sejeong said to her song that there are no certainties in life, it is more interesting since we don’t know what future lies ahead. just look around and take a deep breath, don’t be impatient. We are bound to meet unexpected situations in life, enjoy life, and just keep on “swimming”.

“Find my way swim away, invisible, I swim away

Frequent ups and downs are left behind while heaven’s on my way”

5. Flower Way

Flower Way is the debut song of Kim Sejeong as a soloist, a song which was produced by Zico and was released in 2016. The composition expresses a heartfelt message towards her mother.

Oh rewind, the more I think back, the more I’m sorry

So I won’t give up

You gave up your youthful and beautiful season

Look at me, I have bloomed prettily

Even If I fall to the ground

I will make you walk only on flower paths”

It is an inspirational song especially for those who have been raised by their parents alone like Kim Sejeong who was raised by her mother alone since her parents divorced when she was little. The song expresses her gratitude for all the sacrifices her mother has done to her and a promise to work hard to bring a better future for her mom and walk only to the flower paths of life.

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6. In My Dream

If you listen to this song, you will feel the pain it’s just that the song is all about longing for someone whom you can only see in your dreams.

“Every day I dream of you as close as I can reach

I’m still waiting for you

oh where are you going to disappear? Dream, do not wake up”

This song is relatable because this is what I feel every time I miss my late mom. I want to see her and hug her in my dream.

7. Warning

Released last year as her lead single to her second mini album “I’M”. She composed this song to comfort and tell every one that it’s okay to take a break and don’t feel pressure about everything.

“Let’s walk slowly so we don’t fall down

It’s okay to be slow there will be many things to see.

Let’s take a break so we can look back.

It’s okay you did well, what can I do world is all about luck”

8. Let’s Go Home

Another single from Kim Sejeong’s second mini-album “i’m”. A comforting song for those who are having a rough day. Listening to this song makes us feel that we are not helpless and alone, that there’s someone willing to listen to us.

Come into my embrace and tell me everything

Whatever it may be, I’ll be on your side

Close your eyes comfortably like that.

Let’s go to sleep.

I hope these songs of Kim Sejeong made you feel better bes. Fighting! I know you can do it, you are stronger than you think.

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Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong will star in upcoming rom-com drama alongside Ahn Hyo Seop which will premiere on February 21 on Netflix!

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