Zombie Detective: Surprisingly Hilarious and Entertaining!

KBS 드라마

Yes, this drama took me in one hell of a ride.

It’s not your ordinary zombie story, it has the right mix of mystery, a bit of romance, and a lot of comic relief.

I know that this drama just started, but let me tell you this: the first few episodes are really worth watching. And I will be telling you the reasons why!

1. The Story

The story revolves around a zombie and a journalist. The zombie (Choi Jin Hyuk) tried to live like a human being to survive. One night he saw a man got killed, but before he took his last breath, the man gave his office keys to the zombie. The zombie checked the man’s information and found out that he was a detective. He took the detective’s name, Kim Moo Young, to search for answers on how he ended up like a zombie.

KBS 드라마

Kong Sun Ji (Park Joo Hyun) is a reporter for unsolved cases who searches for the truth. But there was one case she could not let go, tell call the case Santa murderer. In her quest on finding the criminal, she accidentally puts her witness in danger. After the said event, she quit her job as a reporter.

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Kim Moo Young and Kong Sun Ji’s paths crossed in the most unexpected way. And ended up working together as private detectives to find missing people, getting answers for their clients, and to earn a living in order to survive the human world.

2. Choi Jin Hyuk

You will definitely love his role in this drama. His seamless acting will amaze you, both his comic relief and serious side. His transition from a comedic scene to an action scene is just flawless. Not only that, but his mysterious past will also keep you guessing as you wait for the next episode to find the answer to your questions.

KBS 드라마

3. Park Joo Hyun

This is the first time that I have watched her in a K-Drama. I wasn’t expecting much, but the role that she portrayed is inspiring and exciting. Her heart is full of hope, and she also has a lot of fighting spirit. Nothing can stop her from helping someone in need or in finding justice for the oppressed. Her kindness makes her look like an angel, but her struggles, especially when things does not go her way, makes her human.

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KBS 드라마

4. The people who completes the story.

a. A hard but supportive sister.

KBS 드라마

b. The friend and secret admirer.

KBS 드라마

c. The detective agency across the street.

KBS 드라마

d. A diehard zombie specialist.


5. The Mystery

After watching two episodes (with each episode divided into two parts that lasts for 30 minutes), these are the questions that I have:

a. Who is the Santa Killer?

b. How did Choi Jin Hyuk became a zombie?

c. Who is the detective Kim Moo Young?

If you have watched Zombie Detective, I know that you will have these questions as well. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should check it out. Let’s all be like dectectives as we search for the answers to these questions.

6. The cameos

Wow! I was really surprised as to how many cameos you will see in this drama. Here are some of the cameos worth mentioning.

a. A. C. E


b. Song Ga In


c. Lee Young Ji


d. Na Tae Joo


And many more.

At the beginning of Episode 1, I was really scared to watch it at night. Finally, I took the courage and I was so glad I did.

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There were no dull moments!

To be honest I enjoyed watching it from start to end of episode two. One of the highlight for me is to see a zombie rap, dance and believe so much in the power of BB Cream (sorna bes kung na spoil kita ✌️). The mystery that wraps Choi Jin Hyuk’s character will surely keep you hooked. If the drama “Memorist” has the “Eraser“, in this drama you will get not only a zombie, but also a Santa who is a murderer.

You will definitely love how they made sure to keep you at the edge of your seat but at the same time release all the tension in your mind by making you laugh.

If you are looking for something fresh, unique, fun and interesting to watch. Then this one is for you.

Enjoy watching!

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