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AO EXCLUSIVE: “Move to Heaven” trauma cleaners to help people share their untold stories

Netflix is known not just for hit series and movies but for serving its viewers a different kind of quality, originality, and impact on people as well.

This time around, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service will prove that again with its different kind of series finally coming in few days— Move to Heaven.

As they say, “Your final move is about to begin. Move to Heaven will help you tell your untold stories.”

What is in it that will surely make us anticipate it more and crave for more warmth that they can offer?

In an exclusive digital Netflix Asia Pacific press conference of Move to Heaven on the early morning of May 12, the first-ever Korean Netflix Originals trauma cleaner-related story has officially been introduced.

The floor was claimed and joined by passionate actors, such as Tang Junsang, Lee Jehoon, and Hong Seunghee, along with Director Kim Sungho.

They shared a lot of stories and information, such as the things that viewers should anticipate for with their characters,

About the series and its story

Move to Heaven is an inspiring nonfiction essay-based story that is about a young man with Asperger’s syndrome named Geuru, who ended up being taken care by Sanggu.

They work as ‘trauma cleaners’ who clear out the last possessions of the deceased while also uncovering stories that are left behind.

The two of them will team up to help those who have passed away by delivering their messages to their loved ones as part of their final move.

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Lee Jehoon, Tang Junsang, Hong Seunghee, Ji Jinhee, and Lee Jaewook are part of the line-up, in preparation to give its audiences a real heartwarming series.

It is directed by Kim Sungho and written by Yoon Jiryun.


Lee Jehoon mentioned that it is true that people will be shocked by his character his, there are a lot of surprises that include tough fighting scenes.

Tang Junsang first shared that it is his first time to attend a press conference, marking this as his first Netflix lead role as well. He also said that it was his first time knowing that trauma cleaners as a job actually exist and he studied well the script to understand things well.

Hong Seunghee introduced her character by sharing that her character is really close to Tang Junsang’s character, liking everything about him. She was well praised in the press conference pinpointing how good she is in portraying her role, truly showing off her positivity that radiates through the series.

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What is Move to Heaven to the lead actors?

When asked what is the series for them, Jehoon answered; “You,” pertaining to the host who he thinks is really close to the meaning of the series. Then, Junsang said that for him it is, “My workplace and I am the CEO.” While Seunghee mentioned, “Four seasons, feeling and going through a wide range of emotions.” Lastly, the director meaningfully shared that it is, “Comfort.”

Lessons or things they want to convey to viewers

Move to Heaven is created to inspire and give warmth to people, so the host asked the lead actors about the lessons or things they want to convey to viewers through their character or the series itself.

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Jehoon said that it is the disconnection in society because, for him, it is an issue that should not be overlooked. Later in the press conference, he unveiled that a lot of societal issues will be tackled in the series, so he wants the viewers to pay attention to each of these.

Junsang shared that through this series, “Learning this occupation taught me a lot and helps me to introduce it to the world.”

Seunghee, meanwhile, wants the audience to relate to the stories in daily life setup and “be more interested in the people around us in the society.”

Character background

Netflix described each character in different ways as follows:

Han Guru by Tang Junsang

He is a trauma cleaner who runs Move to Heaven. He used to work with his father Jeongu, but after Jeongu’s sudden death, he begins to work with his only relative Sanggu and his neighbor Namu. Even though he struggles with expressing his emotions and communicating with others due to Asperger’s syndrome, he can uncover stories left behind by the deceased thanks to his exceptional observation skills and memory and deliver the messages to the bereaved families. His honest words and unbiased actions show his sincere heart beyond his inexpressive face.

Cho Sanggu by Lee Jehoon

He was recently released from prison to return to society. He volunteers to become Geuru’s guardian for money, but in order to earn official guardianship, he must live with Geuru for three months and work for Move to Heaven. Unlike Geuru, who likes to keep things orderly and neat, Sanggu makes a mess wherever he goes and acts freely, which creates conflict between the two, but he begins to slowly change as he learns how sincere Geuru is about trauma cleaning.

Yoon Namu by Hong Seunghee

She cares about Geuru like her own family as they have known each other for more than a decade since they were young. Suspicious of Sanggu, who suddenly pops up in Geuru’s life, she keeps a close eye on Geuru and Sanggu on behalf of attorney Oh. Honest and strong-minded, she does not get easily intimidated by Sanggu, the tough guy, and readily joins Move to Heaven for their work without her mother’s knowledge.

Move to Heaven will finally be streaming only on Netflix this May 14.

Photos from representative screenshot and Netflix.

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