AO Exclusive: The cast of D.P. shares why their upcoming series is one to watch out for!


One of the most awaited K-drama series this 2021, D.P., will premiere on Friday, August 27!

Annyeong Oppa was given a chance to attend the online press conference today.

Actors Jung Hae In, Koo Kyo Hwan, Kim Sung Kyun, Son Suk Ku, and director Han Jun Hee shared their experience during the filming and answered questions from the press.

What is “D.P.” all about?

Based on a webtoon of the same name, D.P. follows the story of Private An Jun Ho, who serves as a member of the D.P. Unit, which tracks down military deserters their posts.

Private Jun Ho is working with Corporal Han Ho Yeol and the two teamed up to look for the military deserters.

While looking for the deserters, the two encountered problems along the way. They even met the family of the deserters which resulted in their mixed feelings about the reasons for the deserters to run away.

This series will show a realistic portrayal of the situation in the military and how the duo will overcome the obstacles as members of the D.P. Unit.

D.P.: A popular webtoon

D.P., which was written by Kim Bo Tong, earned over 10 million views. It’s a realistic portrayal of military life that caught the attention of many people.

In case you didn’t know, writer Kim Bo Tong served in the D. P. unit.

According to Director Han Jun Hee, the story of D.P. is what he wants to direct. For 5-6 years, he wanted to bring this story to the screen, and luckily, Netflix made it happen.

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Director Han Jun Hee added that it is important for him to be able to deliver different kinds of stories and situations through this series.

He also added that through this series, he hopes that young men in their early 20s who are serving in the military can relate and see themselves in the shoes of the characters that will be portrayed in the series.

About the D.P. unit

The cast was asked if they were familiar with D.P. Unit.

Actor Son Suk Ku shared that he didn’t know about the D.P. Unit or the deserter police. Meanwhile, actor Kim Sung Kyun said that he is aware of the D.P. Unit but only learned more about it through the series.

According to Jung Hae In, the term “D.P.” isn’t something you hear every day. He heard about it during his military service and learned in-depth about it through the webtoon and series.

Koo Kyo Hwan was actually reached out by people who served in the D.P. Unit and had a chance to talk and had a meal with them.

Finally, director Han Jun Hee shared that a lot of people in their team have experience in the D.P. Unit and that helped them create a more realistic series.

First time reading the script

Koo Kyo Hwan shared that he felt the humanistic view of the script.

Jung Hae In was excited to dive into the script because he felt like he was reading a comic book. He already imagined how these scenes will be portrayed on screen.

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Chemistry in the set and the cast

Son Suk Kyu said that every time he walked into the set, it feels like a real and actual squad and military base.

Meanwhile, for Kim Sung Kyun, it was like hanging out with his elementary friends and laughing at each other’s jokes.

There is not only friendship between the cast that was built, but also with the staff. Koo Kyu Hwan shared that they built a great relationship between the cast and staff of the series.

Since the staff is the first viewers of the series, they gave a lot of feedback to the cast which helps them do better.

Jung Hae In treated the cast as his older brothers and he hopes that they can still meet up even after the series. He was at home and comfortable with the cast, staff, and everyone involved in the series.

Additionally, the cast admitted that Jung Hae In and Koo Kyu Hwan had great chemistry, which makes their character portrayal even more effective. Their duo is the one to look forward to in the series!

Here is a behind the scene of the series:

Getting into their characters

In preparation for his role, Jung Hae In did boxing for 3 months. The director wanted to make sure that there were no cuts during their action scenes and he wanted to film one-take shots.

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According to Koo Kyo Hwan, his character is the type of guy who doesn’t try to be funny. His co-stars even said that he made a lot of adlibs or improv in their scenes and he is good at it.

Kim Sung Kyun shared that his role is a very serious military soldier, which is opposed to his previous drama roles. He added that his character is the kind of person that looks rough on the outside but cares about his men.

To be able to portray his role very well, Son Suk Ku seeks advice through his platoon leader. He wanted his character to be relatable to the soldiers.

What to expect in D.P.?

The cast assured the viewers that they made the series into something close to reality and they hope that many people, especially the soldiers, can relate to the characters and story.

The series will remind you of your experience in the military.

D.P. will feature what it’s like to be a member of the D.P. Unit or the military deserter itself.

The cast and staff had a great time filming the series and they poured their heart out into this.

D.P. will premiere on Netflix this August 27! All 6 episodes will be dropped at the same time so be ready to binge-watch through the night!

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