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  • Meeting Your Ultimate Kpop Bias

    For every Kpop fan, it is a dream come true to finally meet your ultimate Kpop bias, more so to interact with him/her. And this dream became a reality to me.

  • Fangirl Act

    Fangirl Acts over BTOB Brother Act

  • Foods To Try In South Korea!

    South Korea is popular for it’s delicacies. There are mouthwatering foods everywhere. Mygad!  #FoodIsLifeu talaga bes! Things I noticed: Most of their dishes are spicy, kahit yung “not spicy” nila is spicy parin. Hahahaha. But then the weather is cold kaya… Read More ›

  • ​Sample 5 Days 4 Nights Itinerary to South Korea

    A simple itinerary to guide you on your first trip to South Korea.

  • ​Next Steps After Getting Your Visa to South Korea

    Before you can legitly say, “Annyeong South Korea! Annyeong Oppa”, these are the things that you have to secure first.

  • Sample ​8 Days 7 Nights Itinerary to South Korea

    Longer travel duration means more Kdrama and Kpop feels!