Kang Tae Oh shares ways in portraying his role in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

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A lot of fans got swooned by Kang Tae Oh’s charm who currently plays the role of Lee Jun Ho in the ongoing ENA legal drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo alongside Park Eun Bin and Kang Ki Young.

On July 14, Singles Korea shared on their official YouTube account their “Fill in the Blank” interview with Kang Tae Oh. In the said interview, Kang Tae Oh was asked what he would like to do if he could live as Lee Junho for just one day.

Kang Tae Oh answered, “It’s going to be hard to live as Lee Junho because he’s really busy. If I work at the Legal Affairs and Litigation Team, my days are going to be tough. I just want to live as Kang Tae Oh, I’ll just see Junho while I’m filming”.

He shared as well the things he tried to do to act as Lee Jun Ho in Extraordinary Attorney Woo and said that he tried to speak smoothly and tried not to put energy in his voice. He mentioned that he is a simple person unlike Jun Ho who’s very sweet, delicate, and sensible guy so when he acted as Jun Ho, the director gave him a lot of tips.

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“I had to look cool as Jun Ho but I couldn’t so I thought a lot,” he added.

Aw! Kang Tae Oh is working so hard for his role in this drama.

Moreover, Extraordinary Attorney Woong is a heartwarming series that depicts a story of a lawyer named Woo Young Woo with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who has an IQ of 164 and works at the Hanbada law firm.

It is available for streaming on Netflix mga bes!

Watch the full interview here:

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