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    To have one bff is awesome but to have two bffs is suweg.

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  • Nam Joo Hyuk In Manila 2017

    Do You Like Messi? Sa tingin ko mas okay na tanong yung, “Do you like Filipinos?” At syempre, oo na oo ang sagot. Super successful ng fanmeet ni Nam Joo Hyuk last September 23, 2017 (Thank you MMI for making this… Read More ›

  • 15 Korean Actresses Who Slayed Their Short Hairstyles

    Do you need a new hairstyle inspo because you just went through a breakup? Or you are just bored with your hair? 

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    Feeling old? Then it only proves that you are one of the certified #TitasofKdrama.

  • First Generation Leading Men in Kdrama Land

    You are a Certified Tita in Kdrama Land if you can still remember all of them!

  • ​13 Handsome CEOs/Bosseu in Kdrama Land

    Let’s admit it. Once in our lives, we’ve dreamed of having a boss as handsome and as charming as those we have seen in the Kdrama land. It’s a cliché but we still get hooked with their characters anyway. So… Read More ›