After two months of waiting, we are finally able to see part two of one of the most anticipated Korean dramas on Netflix, The Glory.


Last March 8, 2023, Netflix held a virtual press conference with Song Hye Kyo, writer Kim Eun-sook, and director An Gil-ho of The Glory, along with selected fans of the show who were also given the chance to ask their questions.

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In the press conference, writer Kim Eun-sook and director An Gil-ho shared how nervous they felt about being in an event like this where they were also watched globally. While Song Hye Kyo shared her concerns about the things that she could have done better or improved despite having seen the final cut of the drama. She was worried that people wouldn’t like the drama that much because she didn’t do a great job. She also shared that when she heard that part one of The Glory was well received, it didn’t immediately sink in with her, because it had been a while since she had a huge drama series.

As the press conference continued, chosen fans were given the chance to ask their questions. One fan asked about how she initially felt that the focus of the story is school violence and how she notice that it also deals with social and economic hierarchies, and abuse within families and wanted to know if it was what Kim Eun-sook thought about initially or if it was developed along the way?

Writer Kim Eun-sook was surprised at the question and was not really expecting that it would be the first question that would be asked. But still, she gave her answer to the fan. 

Kim Eun-sook: 

At the press conference, I said that it all started from my daughter’s question, “would you feel worse if I’m beaten or would you feel worse if I hit other people?” And when I was writing the script, I was trying to find an answer to that question. And if my daughter is beaten to death, there might be a solution and that would be pulling all the perpetrators to hell because I have the money to do so. So my conclusion was that it would be better for me if you’re beaten. But in The Glory, this can’t happen to Dong-eun, right? and I think most of the victims can’t solve the problem like this because they don’t have wealthy parents like me. They don’t live in the environment where my daughter is raised. So I wanted to cheer for them because reality is harsh. And I hope Dong-eun’s vengeance is successful. So that’s what I tried to lead my storyline towards. And how it ends, you should watch it yourselves.

📸 Netflix | Kim Eun-sook

She also added that while doing research about the story, she was able to find out that in the different police stations in Korea, there are some lawyers who offer their services pro bono for kids who are bullied. She advises viewers that if they were bullied or felt unsafe, they can seek help there.

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One fan asks about a particular scene in the trailer of The Glory Part 2, where Dong-eun screamed “Stop laughing like that” at the top of her lungs. She also shared Dong-eun’s character was so different from the Song Hye Kyo that she knows.

Song Hye Kyo answered that fan by sharing how the Dong-eun they know in Part 1 was so different from the Dong-eun in Part 2 specifically with how Dong-eun handled her emotions. In Part 1 we all know how Dong-eun was so good at hiding her emotions. While in Part 2 all of those hidden emotions she had, all the anger and pain will now explode. She also shared that to be able to do such an emotional scene, she places herself in Dong-eun’s shoes so that she can be fully in character. She also told the fan that another thing that had helped her in portraying Dong-eun was the great chemistry that she had with the other cast. Their perfect chemistry is what had lead them to nail those impressive scenes. 

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Some other highlights of the press conference were stories about Song Hye Kyo’s dog not liking other dogs. Initially, Hye Kyo’s dog likes Lee Do Hyun. But when Lee Do Hyun brought his dog, Ga-eul, onto the set everything changed because Hye Kyo’s dog didn’t like Ga-eul. This then also leads to Hye Kyo’s dog, not liking Lee Do Hyun in the end. 

They also told the fans that while waiting for Part 2 of The Glory, they all told their friends who had been asking them what will happen next to just wait for the show. They receive so many assumptions about how the story would lead and ask them if they were right, but instead of answering their questions, they would all just say to wait for Part 2 to be released. 

One fan asks about their favorite line in The Glory and writer Kim Eun-sook as well as director An Gil ho both said that they like all the lines. But for Song Hye Kyo, her favorite Dong-eun line was: 

“There is no mercy and therefore no glory.”

Hye Kyo explains that she felt this line sums up Dong-eun. How she plans not to show mercy and change from being a victim to becoming a perpetrator. She understands and knows that she is not seeking glory. Hye Kyo also added that it was not the type of revenge where she get to live a happy life. What Dong-eun was really saying was that she will get her revenge and I’m going to die with you.

📸 Netflix | Song Hye Kyo

Another line that Hye Kyo liked was the part when Dong-eun visited her teacher in the past who was also the father of her friend. She tells him, 

“I know you did nothing wrong, I know you’re innocent. But so was I. And you are an adult and I was only an 18-year-old girl.”

Hye Kyo shared, how much she was aching for Dong-eun.

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The first part of the GV ended with Song Hye Kyo thanking the fans who attended the GV both online and offline. And invited them to watch The Glory Part 2.

Part 2 of the press conference was for the writer Kim Eun-sook, director Ah Gil-ho, and the villains of The Glory which include Jung Sung-il (Ha Doyeong), Kim Hieora (Lee Sa-ra), Cha Joo-young (Choi Hye-jeong), and Kim Gun-woo (Son Myeong-o).

As the press conference/ GV started, and as soon as The Glory’s villains were done with their introductions, they were asked to choose one word that would summarize what fans can expect from The Glory Part 2.

For Jung Sung-il that one word would be “Honpamang (혼파망)” which means “Confusion, destruction, oblivion”. Kim Hieora and Cha Joo-young described it as “Gae zzang (개짱)” which means “Its the best ever” and Daebak which means jackpot.

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Kim Gun-woo on the other hand says that it’s like a riddle. He added when you figure out the riddle, it would make you happy.

Another question that was asked was about the real-life chemistry between the cast. And the cast revealed that contrary to the series itself, they are very close off-camera as seen in video clips that were taken between takes where they will be seen hugging and laughing with each other.

By the end of the press conference/ GV, each one of the cast along with the writer and director of The Glory thanked everyone who attended and supported the series. They also invited them to watch the anticipated Part 2 of The Glory. 

How about you bes? Have you seen Part 2 of The Glory?

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