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Park Eun Bin successfully wrap up her first-ever extraordinary fan meeting in Manila!

Photo Courtesy of Namoo Actors

Park Eun Bin‘s successful first fan meeting in Manila was intimate, healing, and a very unique experience that’s one for the books.

It is Park Eun Bin’s first fan meet tour in Asia brought to us by MJ Tonz Entertainment, PULP, and Happee Hour held in the New Frontier Theater.

The event was full of Filipinos (and Foreign) Bingos excited to meet the versatile actress. Some even came from Taiwan and Malaysia! Some even dressed as Park Eun Bin’s characters in dramas!

Photo courtesy of Namoo Actors

The fan meeting took off with her singing Joy’s Hello! The background when she was performing was “Hello” in different languages and it was actually her own handwriting.

After the song, Eun Bin shocked everyone with her long greeting in full Filipino! She took her time and actually learned a lot of Filipino words for her Filipino fans. This was her ment: “Kumusta kayo? Ako po si Park Eunbin! Ikinagagalak kong makita kayo. Namiss ko kayo! Salamat sa pagpunta! Second floor! Nakikita niyo ba ako sa taas? Salamat po!”

It was actually the first time an artist appeared first before the host. It was because Eun Bin was very excited to see her Filipino Bingos. Kring Kim led the whole show with so much energy and exchanged funny banters with the actress and even the translator!

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As usual, Filipinos were very loud. Park Eun Bin was not aware that this is a normal thing in the Philippines that she always reminds us to calm down and not hurt our throats. Woah, woah, Filo Bingos!

Park Eun Bin shared the deep meaning behind the theme, Eun Bin Note: Binkan in Manila Binkan– is a Korean term which means empty space and she wants to fulfill that space with her Filipino fans with this event.

Photo Courtesy of Namoo Actors

Eun Bin was like a literal adorable ball of sunshine that everyone just wants to take her home. We were really impressed that she knows a lot of Filipino words and she used them correctly in every situation. She said, “Sana all!” too!

The night was filled with knowing more about Eun Bin and her characters, playing games with the fans, giving personalized gifts to the fans who won the games, and witnessing how well she can draw. Eun Bin drew rabbits on the eco bags that were the prizes for the winners. They were so adorable just like her.

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Eun Bin prepared a very special video that includes all of her characters acting together! it’s one of the highlights of the fan meet!

We actually got to watch some of the most popular clips of her dramas with her and she reenacted some of her famous lines in her dramas, Hot Stove League and The King’s Affection.

Furthermore, How surreal is that! Filipino Bingos also prepared a very special fan-made video message and a cake especially made for her. She got so emotional that she cried while watching it.

Eun Bin performed three songs in total. “Hello” by Joy as her opening song, “Blue Night of Jeju Island” – an OST from Extraordinary Attorney Woo that she actually sang herself, and “Especially for You” by MYMP as her finale – a song that’s very well-known both in the Philippines and South Korea. While she was singing “Especially for You”, a lot of confetti covered the entire theater. It was indeed a magical and healing night for all of us inside. It’s not every day that you encounter a very humble and kind actor that’s overflowing with positivity and sincerity.

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She said, if there is an opportunity again, she will visit Manila again to meet his Filipino fans. She thanked her Filo Bingos who came to the event and reminded everyone to keep safe, be healthy and be happy, and said “Mahal ko Kayo”

Photo Courtesy of Namoo Actors

To our dearest Eun Bin, you truly deserve all the love in the world, Eunbin! We hope you felt the Filipinos’ overflowing love! We will continue to cheer you on in your future dramas!

Written by:

Mawi Banalo and Trixia Cabasis

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