Thai stars EarthMix radiate joy for 1st Fan Meeting in Manila, shares secrets for perfect chemistry

Before showtime, Thai stars Earth and Mix tell the media about their, stories, success, and some secrets.

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Written by Jon Pasca & Paul Angelo Barroga

Thai stars Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap have made the stars aligned for Manila, creating a constellation of excitement among their Filipino fans.

Like two brilliant stars in the night sky, EarthMix graced Manila with their presence for their first fan meeting on Sunday, July 30, at the SM Skydome, which left the hearts of their supporters twinkling with astronomical kilig.

Before giving a stellar spectacle for their fans, the “A Tale of Thousand Stars” cast faced the members of the media a few hours before showtime. MJ Felipe, an entertainment news reporter from ABS-CBN, led the interview and inquired about the actors’ careers and their first fan meeting in the country as a BL love team. 

While it was Mix’s first time to visit the Philippines, and he was gladly looking forward to meeting their Filipino fans up close after only engaging with them on social media, Earth has been to the country before when he was attached to a prior project and expressed that he missed it here. He shared that he had a good experience then, similar to now that he is with Mix the second time around.

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Road to stardom

“A Tale of Thousand Stars” was a game changer for Earth and Mix’s career. This series skyrocketed them to popularity in the boys’ love genre, which followed more projects such as “Moonlight Chicken” and “Cupid’s Last Wish.”

When asked what’s their secret as to why they are successful with their career in the said genre, Mix shared: “What I learned from here is to find how to get happiness in life in just a simple way, and I hope the audience also feel the same to find that simple happiness.” He added that he is always thankful for his supportive fans throughout the way.

Earth also shared that their success was attributed more to the way of their storytelling, where love isn’t just a happily ever after in series, but fans should feel that all people can experience love in the most beautiful way in reality. 

“So for me, I have joined a lot of BL series, and I just want to be the one that can tell the world, it shouldn’t just be the two of them [the BL leads] who can love each other, but all the guys all over the world must also be able to love each other.”

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Perfect chemistry

The duo knew each other for ten years now, telling the media that it was their secret for perfect chemistry. Mix said, “We just look at each other’s eyes, and we know already what each other [is] thinking.” 

Earth also added that they usually travel together, and since they have to work together on many projects now, they get to know more about each other, perfecting the chemistry they have off and on cam. He added: “It’s so fun to work with him.”

Future projects

With the luster they exude in the entertainment industry, no wonder they will get more projects in the future. When asked if they have any projects lined up, especially if there are BL series projects, they were both tight-lipped, saying it’s still a secret. 

“Actually, it’s a secret. We get to hope that, but I hope so. I hope that we guys, me and Earth, can do work together,” Mix confessed. Earth said after, “Absolutely, we will have more and more in the future. But now it’s a secret, so stay tuned.”

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A message to Filipino fans

The media conference ended with Earth and Mix’s message to all of their Filipino fans.

They said they are very much thankful for the support of the fans all over the country, as well as the warm welcome given to them.

Sometime soon, they both hoped to come back again and again, emphasizing their gusto in meeting a greater number of fans. “So, see you! I love you,” they both added. 

As Earth and Mix interact with their Filipino Hangers at their fan meeting, they will surely leave a constellation of memories that will forever be radiant in their hearts.

Note: Otherwise stated, the entirety of artists’ answers are based on real-time translation given by the translator at the event.

This event is presented by Neuwave Events & Productions.

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