PH BINGO had a memorable night with Park Eun Bin’s fan meeting in Manila!

Written by: Mawi Banalo & Trixia Cabasis

The first-ever Korean brand ambassador of Aromagicare and Baeksang Awardee, Park Eun Bin successfully held her fan meeting last June 24 at New Frontier Theater.

Eight months have passed since she met PH Bingo for “Eun-Bin Note: Binkan” Fanmeet and we are so delighted to see her again!

The all-rounder actress wowed her fans by singing CUPID by FIFTY FIFTY! We were so thrilled when she finally appeared on stage and we can’t help but to smile because she was so lovely and cute that time!

Eun Bin, as usual, brought so many Filipino words with her that she used them all night to impress her fans.

“Mabuhay! Ako si Park Eun Bin! Ikinagagalak kong makita kayo! Na-miss ko kayo!” was her initial greeting to the people at the event. Very impressive, right?

Eun Bin said that the best thing about being an actress is the love she gets from her fans not only in South Korea but also internationally.

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According to her, her memorable experience when she came here to the Philippines was seeing her fans who waited for her in the airport and gave her a warm welcome. She appreciates all things that she receives from her PH Bingo and said “Mahal ko kayo” to everyone. Kilig!

At the event, Eun Bin briefly talked about her Daesang Award for her role in her drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo. We gave her a standing ovation for winning the said award, she said when she saw us clapping and standing, she got goosebumps because it reminds her of that moment.

The night deepens as she played a lot of games with a lot of Filipino (and international) fans. They were able to meet her up close and personal after playing the games. Some even took selcas with her and she was very entertained. Sana ol di ba?!

Eun Bin also made gifts for the fans. She made a customized T-shirt, bracelet, tote bag, and even a flower arrangement!

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She touched all bases and was able to meet the youngest Bingo to the oldest Bingo.

Filipino Bingo prepared a special video message and a cake for her. She was so touched by this sweet gesture of her loving fans.

For her last performance, she sang MYMP’s Especially For You to convey her love and appreciation to all of her fans. She is the sweetest!

Eun Bin thanked all the fans who came to the event and hopes that the fans would support her upcoming drama, Diva of the Deserted Island.

Photo Courtesy of Aromagicare

Thank you Aromagicare and Wilbros Live for making this event possible. We are so happy to meet our dearest Park Eun Bin again and had another blissful memory with her. It was an extraordinary fan meeting!

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