Thai stars EarthMix illuminate Manila in their stellar fan meeting filled with astronomical kilig

Fans of the reel power couple blasts off to an out-of-this-world experience, rocketing towards the night they wished upon a thousand stars.

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Written by Jon Pasca & Paul Angelo Barroga

Amidst the night sky, there was once a tale of a thousand stars. Their glimmering radiance adorned the heavens, captivating all who gazed upon them.

But within those thousand stars, two emerged, where their brilliance outshone the others and illuminated the once-dark sky.

Thai stars Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap, collectively known as EarthMix, clearly shined brightly at their first fan meeting on Sunday, July 30, at the SM North Edsa Skydome.

In the cosmic sea of their fans, the duo made a constellation of love, happiness, and memories that will forever be adored and admired.

No wonder why the two stars shimmered luminously—aside from the astronomical kilig they have to offer, they are stars full of talent, passion, and affection they emit to give a stellar spectacle.

Welcome to PH

Seemingly willing to exist a long-awaited moment for the hyped crowd, Earth and Mix emerged from the back of the venue after a jovial countdown and a welcome audio-visual presentation, wading through the throngs of exuberant fans screaming the night away as they began with a sweet duet of “No Matter What.” 

They made their way to the stage, where they finished the song with loud cheers and “Welcome to Manila, Earth and Mix!” greetings from the starstruck and kilig-charged audience, who have waited two years to see them in the flesh.

When this was pointed out by the event’s host, ABS-CBN’s entertainment news reporter MJ Felipe, Mix exclaimed, “But now we made it,” evoking cheers of joy from their fans whose manifestations have finally paid off.

Getting to know more

The stars were all smiles and as dashing as people would’ve imagined, waving and beaming with happiness throughout the fan meet along with their fans.

Everyone was in for a treat because Earth and Mix were very much indulgent in making their fans’ hearts race, with one of the first instances happening in a Filipino phrases exercise where they repeatedly said, “Mahal ko kayo.” 

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When they were asked a myriad of questions about them and their careers, Earth and Mix shared the memories and lessons that they have gained as artists and friends.

Echoing the ideal worlds for same-sex romances portrayed in their series, Earth bravely expressed that love must be open for all genders to appreciate. Mix also agreed and supported Earth, adding that we should be honest and respectful of each other. 

Earth observed that they really felt the love from their fans and urged everyone to enjoy the night together.

A playful Earth and Mix

Soon, the first game started, where the two took turns guessing the word mouthed by the other while they wore headphones.

After two humorous rounds of adorable guessing from them both, Earth won by correctly identifying all five words and beating Mix, who got only four but still managed to answer all but one quickly.

As the winning player, Earth’s prize was getting the chance to choose and try Filipino delicacies, which were randomly hidden through three mystery trays.

He eventually chose the middle tray that contained the Philippines’ famous lechon baboy, which he agreed was tasty. And although Earth won the advantage to try it out, he also fed Mix a spoonful, to the latter’s delight.

The fans also encouraged them to try another of the food choices, which was halo-halo, Mix’s favorite Filipino dessert (and namesake even, for “halo-halo” is translated as “mix-mix” in English).

Fan questions

Fans waited no time, and they proceeded to the next segment titled “Fan Q&A,” where their fans submitted questions earlier before showtime to be asked to the two.

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When asked what is their favorite moment while filming “A Tale of Thousand Stars,” Mix shared a moment when the cast went on a trip, and they all sat together and shared many things. Earth also revealed they had the chance to learn and read the original book of the series, which helped them express the story to the fans even better.

When asked what is their favorite bloopers in the set, Mix shared that a staff named P’Cham always had that good sense of humor that would make them laugh on set. Earth remembered the moment when they had to make a kite for their series, bringing him back to his memories when he was young.

During downtime, Mix shared that he prefers to stay at home, playing with his cute cats. Earth, meanwhile, loves to do drawing and painting.

Earth revealed that he wants to have a role as a psychologist when asked what is their dream role or even genre in the future. Mix uttered that there are so many roles they have not tried, but one thing he wanted to try was to become a “very, very bad person,” as he described.

Earth and Mix isn’t a different duo–they often fight when having disagreements, based on their answers to the question of how they handle bickering. “We fight and adapt to each other for the best result. We learn each other more,” Earth even added.

And the million dollar questions: any details about future projects? Earth and Mix prefer not to share information for now, but they assured us they will definitely be back again in the country.

EarthMix switched?

After which, the duo played another game in a segment called “Star-Crossed Role Reversal,” where they switched roles and acted out some of the iconic scenes in their series. They re-created scenes from “A Tale of Thousand Stars” and “Moonlight Chicken.”

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Earth and Mix showcased their exceptional talents, proving their prowess not only in acting but also in singing. They treated their fans to a stellar display of their singing abilities, performing individual songs and serenading them.

Who’s who

For their last segment, they played another game titled “Who’s That Star,” where the two needed to point out if the statements said who. In the segment, it turned out that Earth has several cats and loves swimming, diving, and eating fried chicken. Mix, meanwhile, started as a member of a boyband and loves eating stir-fried cabbage.

A message to Filipino fans

As their time on stage drew to a close, EarthMix delivered heartfelt messages to their fans, leaving them awe-inspired. Earth first said his deep appreciation for the fans who attended the event. He is thankful for all the support and motivation and that he is happy that he visited the country for this fan meeting. “I will get back here,” he said as he ended.

Mix expressed his delight at the energy Filipino fans gave at the event for them. He also hopes to get back to the country in the future. “Salamat, Philippines,” he ended.

A cosmic event for a lifetime

In the celestial finale, EarthMix illuminated their fan meeting by gracing the stage with their own ethereal rendition of the “A Tale of Thousand Stars” theme song. 

Earth and Mix’s brilliance will forever be radiant in the hearts of Filipino Hangers, like eternal stars in the night sky.

Note: Otherwise stated, the entirety of artists’ answers are based on real-time translation given by the translator at the event.

This event is lustrously presented by Neuwave Events & Productions.

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