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EXO Xiumin & Chen, TVXQ, and BOA: Share their Love for Filipino fans and Future Plans

ARANETA, PHILIPPINES — Before the much-awaited concert last December 9, 2022, a press conference took place backstage where the BE YOU 2 artists — Xiumin, Chen, TVXQ, and BoA — were interviewed about their thoughts on various things regarding their arrival in Manila, their careers, and what this concert means for them.

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EXO Xiumin and Chen on being back to Manila, solo albums, and balut

The first people to be interviewed were EXO’S Xiumin and Chen and were greeted with a warm welcome as the crowd cheered for their arrival in Manila.

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When asked if this is their first time in Manila, Xiumin answered that as part of EXO and as a performer, this is not his first time but it has been a long time since he last came here. However, going to the Philippines for personal reasons, he does not have that kind of experience yet. Chen, on the other hand, was very excited to come back as the last time they came here, the Manila crowd was loud and energetic.

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They were then asked about the music genre they would like to try in the future, Xiumin answered confidently that he would like to create a genre of his own. Chen answered that he mainly does ballad songs, but would like to try something sexy for his songs in the future. Chen was also recognized as ‘the King of K-Drama Songs’ by MJ, seeing as Chen participates quite frequently in K-Drama OSTs. When talking about his solo album, Xiumin mentioned that the reason why it has a ’90s music nostalgia’ feel is because he was born in those years and would like to connect it to the present.

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“How do you see yourself, five to ten years from now?” asked MJ. Xiumin sweetly answered being back in Manila and being interviewed by MJ once again. Chen jokingly stated that he did not know how to answer that question, but answered it nonetheless saying that as an artist, he sees himself with his fans, as where he is, his fans will also be there. Xiumin told MJ ‘to be healthy so that they can meet again.

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They are both looking forward to trying various Filipino foods during their stay and even asked MJ for advice. MJ answered with balut, with Chen chiming in saying “I know that!” Xiumin said that he wants to try it, Chen personally hasn’t tried it but knows it through photos.

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Chen said that this event is very important for him because he has not seen the Filipino EXO-Ls for so long, and also because the concert has a beautiful meaning and he wants to inspire other people. Chen even said he wants to partake in more concerts like this! Xiumin stated that he has no reason to reject an opportunity to meet the EXO-Ls and help in a meaningful concert. MJ ended the interview by saying that they will meet again after five years, with Chen saying they should try balut together after five years.

TVXQ on their first Manila concert, and being dubbed as K-Pop Royalty

The next to be interviewed in the presscon are TVXQ members, Yunho and Changmin, who mentioned that this is their first time having a concert in the Philippines and would like to give their best in this performance. However, Yunho answered that he had been to Manila for personal reasons, where he went shopping and even went to Acqua. Changmin apologized that their concert is late but is still surprised and thankful for the Filipino Cassiopeias that have been waiting for them.

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When asked about their reaction to Billboard dubbing them as K-Pop Royalty, Changmin answered that they are thankful for the acknowledgement but would also like to point out that there are juniors that have done this genre, and would also like to thank their juniors for making the ‘K-Pop Wave’ happen.

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“What’s the secret to having a long-standing career?” asked MJ. Yunho answered that they were very lucky, and thankful for their fans because without them there would be no TVXQ. They are also thankful for the staff because without them the team would not be complete.

“Salamat kayo,” Yunho first said, but was later corrected, “Salamat po!”

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As for what it means to be currently in Manila and performing in Be You 2, Changmin answered that this is their first time and they really appreciate the Filipino Cassiopeias. They are also thankful for being a part of Be You 2 because they could share the stage with other artists and also have a meaningful concert.

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BoA on being dubbed as the ‘Queen of K-Pop’ and her promise to come back

The last to be interviewed is BoA, who is a soloist that also has a long-standing career. She mentioned that this is also her first time being here in the Philippines.

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“You are dubbed as the ‘Queen of K-Pop’, how do you react to that?” MJ asked BoA. BoA answered that she has a long way to go before she can be the actual ‘Queen of K-Pop’. “I just have a long career,” BoA answered but still she appreciates it.

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Her most favorite thing to do, from the actual list of things she can do as MJ enumerated, is being a performer. She cannot wait to see her Filipino fans when she comes on stage, and she was shocked when she realized she has never been to the Philippines before. She mentioned that the Cebu crowd was so crazy and “gave so much love and support”, and she cannot wait to see the Manila crowd.

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BoA’s advice for people that look up to her is “just enjoy it, what you’re doing,” and “connect with your fans”. BoA’s message for her Filipino fans: “I am so glad to be here, finally. I can’t wait to see my fans in person. And you know, if there is more opportunity to come to visit here more often, I cannot wait.” She ended her message with a pinky promise. She also said “Mahal ko kayo!” to her Filipino fans.

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It’s amazing to see these artists as they share their passion for music and pay tribute to our elderly as well.

This event is made possible by Neuwave Events and Production

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