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Zoom In Manila: Jessi’s intimate night with PH Jebbies

Zoom in Manila is not your ordinary concert…it is more than that.

It’s an event where Jessi reaches her hand out to be closer to her fans and inspire them even when she was having a hard time. It is also a first when an artist thought of her fans who might get caught in traffic that she patiently waited for them.

And as the door opened with Jessi singing “What Type of X” the crowd just went wild. 

But what made the night more memorable was how she continued to serve as an inspiration not only to women but to everyone who was watching her that night. As she asks everyone to leave their stress behind and just have fun.

“I am going through a really hard time right now. And I always tell myself, ‘You got this.’ So I need you guys to always remember that you need to constantly tell yourself that there will be battles in your life when you f****ng got this.”


She did not only provide outstanding performance, but she also left so many inspiring words that help everyone. 

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Some of the highlights of the night include:

  • Jessi praises the Philippines for having great singers and dancers
  • Having Filipino backup dancers called A-Team 
  • How Jessi wanted to move to the Philippines after she retired
  • How the whole MOA arena shined with pink and yellow lights as Jessi sang Star
  • Jessi even ended her concert with an encore performance of Ssenunni.

The best Nuna

To sum it up, Jessi broke all barriers as she took a step closer to her fans! The simple gestures gave her Filipino Jebbies a once-in-a-lifetime experience! From kissing, hugging, and taking pictures with her Jebbies, no one expected that she would do that! It’s a sweet reminder and hope to her fans to help them go through whatever they are struggling with.

Produced by Neuwave Events, it was way beyond what everyone expected, but what all the PH Jebbies have in common when they left was their renewed strength and happy heart as they all face their reality while chanting Jessi’s magical words “You Got This.”

It’s also a night to remember as one of Jessi’s jebbie shared her magical encounter with the star.

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In case you’re still on a Zoom in Manila post-concert phase, we prepared this Spotify playlist to relive the night!

And to Jessi, if you’re reading this, please keep in mind that your Filipino Jebbies got your back! We can’t wait to meet you again…SOON!

Written by: Lee and Hazel

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