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ENHYPEN kicks off the first day of their three-day ‘MANIFESTO’ concert in Manila

ENHYPEN's MANIFESTO in Manila concert was 'one-in-a-billion' night for Filipino ENGENEs.

Following their explosive debut in November 2020, ENHYPEN began their much-anticipated first world tour, entitled ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR “MANIFESTO,” with the goal of dominating the global K-pop scene.

The new K-pop powerhouse has been touring 12 cities worldwide after two sold-out performances in Seoul, where it took over the stage for 22 performances.

ENHYPEN has captivated fans with their trademark synchronized dance, a repertoire that includes fan favorites from their past, and a unique stage built specifically for this tour.

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In addition, the band’s recent million-seller CD, their 3rd Mini Album, ‘MANIFESTO: DAY 1,’ which features the lead hit ‘Future Perfect (Pass the MIC),’ was performed live and enjoyed by thousands of fans inside the arena.

ENHYPEN began the first day of their jam-packed, three-day concert in Manila on Friday, February 3. Here are some of the highlights from the show’s first day.

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A fiesta for ENGENEs

Filipino ENGENES, the six-piece boy group’s fans, had fun and spent time together outside the concert venue a few hours before the show. They did this through different activities and booths.

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A specific area was designated for FAN ZONE, where concert-goers can claim free food, take pictures with standees, dance along to ENHYPEN’s hits, and grab freebies from their co-fans.

It’s showtime

ENHYPEN kicked off their show with two of their hit songs, ‘Walk the Line’ and ‘Given-Taken,’ to a rousing reception from the audience, which yelled and sang along.

The group continued to play several of their songs, including ‘Flicker,’ ‘Not For Sale,’ ‘Let Me In,’ ‘TFW (That Feeling When),’ ‘Upper Side Dreamin’,’ and ‘Mixed Up.’

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They continued their performance with the songs ‘Drunk-Dazed,’ ‘One In A Billion,’ ‘Attention, please!’, ‘Just A Little Bit,’ ‘Tamed-Dashed,’ and the crowed-favorite ‘FEVER’ and ‘Polaroid Love.’


ENHYPEN took every opportunity to interact with its fans. The boy group was very excited to show a sample of their body rolls from their “One in a Billion” and “Fever” dances during one of the concert segments.

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They also went down the stage as they sang their iconic ‘Polaroid Love.’ It gave many fans a chance to shoot fancams of their well-loved idols.

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Spend the night together

As the night goes deeper, the group continues to perform their songs ‘Blessed-Cursed,’ ‘Go Big or Go Home,’ and ‘Future Perfect’.

The fans in the arena thought the concert has ended. Yet, ENHYPEN showed up in no time once again to perform ‘ParadoXXX Invasion’ and ‘SHOUT OUT’ which made fans go scream.

For their encore stage, ENHYPEN performed ‘Go Big or Go Home,’ ‘LET ME IN,’ ‘ParadoXXX Invasion,’ as well as ‘SHOUT OUT,’ singing with their fans this time.

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‘Loudest crowd ever’

ENHYPEN showed their great appreciation and love for their fans during their ment segment. Member Heeseung promised Filipino ENGENES and said, “We’ll come back with more albums! Mahal kita!”

According to member Jay, the Manila concert was the most energetic they’d ever performed. “I’m gonna be honest, this is the most energetic concert ever!” Member Jake also said, “The cheer is so loud here, it’s amazing!” He also called the Filipino fans “the loudest crowd ever.”

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Member Sunghoon recalled his first time being at the arena a few years ago. And now, he is back, this time as an idol. “I’m happier now than 10 years ago since I have ENGENE and ENHYPEN!”

After having many stops in different countries, leader Jungwon called Filipino fans “the most passionate.”

Member Sunoo added, “Our journey has just begun please continue to be with us.” Member Ni-Ki expressed their deep affection for their fans by saying, “I will always perform for you ENGENES. Thank you always and I love you.”

Indeed, it was a night full of memories for ENHYPEN and their fans. The jam-packed three-day show in Manila is the last stop of their ‘MANIFESTO’ world tour.

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