Get ready for Viu’s newest original series, K-Love!

What is it with K-Drama? 

A question that is commonly asked the people who love K-Dramas. What is it about them that even people from different cultures around the world falls in love not only with the drama but also with the Korean Culture? 

Official Poster from Viu.

Viu is bringing a new rom-com series that is filled with so much love for anything Korean, called K-Love.

K-Love tells the story of a group of professionals who are certified K-Drama fans. Starring with the dashing Jake Cuenca who has captivated the hearts of millions of Filipinos not only with his looks but also with his exemplary acting skills, our very own Oppa. 

Cast also includes the dazzling Iza Calzado, who had made her name in the Philippine entertainment with her flexibility in acting. Isabelle Daza also joins the lineup known for her impressive acting skills

In addition to this amazing cast are the young and bubbly Sue Ramirez and Gabby Padilla. They may be younger but that did not hinder their potential to be the sought-after actresses in the Philippines. 

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Behind them stood a stellar team led by Corrina Vistan, a Marvel Studio Executive and Ian Takahashi, one of the best cinematographers out there, who promises to provide a series that every Filipino would be able to relate to. 

This extraordinary team will not only provide us with the kilig that we needed. But also the laughs to help us get through our days. K-Love is a representation of all K-Drama fans out there. 

Join us as we all explore the wonderful world of K-Love. Find out if Love still conquers all, or if there is a possibility for our fantasy to come into life. But one thing is for sure, we all need K-Love to escape the harshness of our reality, for us to breathe and hope for happy endings.

Watch the official trailer here:

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