3 nerve-racking thrilling movies that you can watch on Prime Video

Feel the jitters and adrenaline rush while enjoying the thrilling sequences of events with these must-watch Korean movies on Prime Video!

These 3 Korean movies have great things in common in terms of activity intensity, suspenseful acts, heavy dramatic, heartfelt scenes, and unexpected turn out of events.

Emergency Declaration

(Directed by: Han Jae Rim)
📸: Festival De Cannes

Welcome aboard! Fasten your seatbelts and take a deep breath as you’ll be experiencing the flight of Sky Korea 501 bound for Honolulu Hawaii.

Emergency Declaration is a 2022 film that will take your breath away from the take-off until the landing phase of the entire flight.

📸: Fetival De Cannes


A terrorist threat was investigated by police officers after it was reported that has seen posted online. After the retrieval of information about the assailant Ryu Jin Seok (Im Si Wan), their leads connected them to Flight 501. A total number of 121 passengers, the cabin crew, and the pilots experienced not just turbulence, but unforeseen events on the said plane.

A sudden emergency declaration was announced due to an initial casualty that cause sudden death and made the others cry out of frustration, panic attacks, and scared of what will happen to the rest of them. Aside from the virus spreading to the entire aircraft, other factors such as running out of fuel, and countries that keep on declining the emergency landing made the situation even harder.

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📸: Festival De Cannes

Perfectly executed roles starring Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Nam Gil, Im Si Wan, Kim So Jin, Park Hae Joon, and other actors and actresses made the whole film a huge success as it ranked 8th place for highest grossing film in the year 2022.


(Directed by: Hwang In Ho)
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Hush down and don’t even dare to make a sound from your every move as it was being measured!

Decibel is a 2022 film that intensifies the level of your mood for the whole time interval.

📸: primevideoph


It was exactly the anniversary of a submarine tragedy when a sudden phone call coming from an anonymous number tip-off Kang Do Young (Kim Rae Won), an ex-Navy Submarine Commander about a bomb planted in a playground and at the same time in the home of Lieut. Commander Kim.

After an explosion has been reported, another bomb threat has been received. The open field of the soccer stadium and the public pool with the most number of people is the next place of target – will it be diffused immediately before it exceeds 100 decibels? Or another casualty will be recorded? The person behind these doings must be held responsible for such hideous acts.

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📸: Viva International Pictures

This film starring Kim Rae Won, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Sang Hoon, Park Byung Eun, Cha Eun Woo, Lee Sang Hee, Jo Dal Hwan, Lee Min Ki, and other actors that contributed to the huge success as it was invited to The Asia Film Festival.


Directed by: Lee Hae Jun & Kim Byung Seo
📸: Viva International Pictures

Run as fast as you can! Go to the safest place and endure all of the possibilities as the active volcano known as Mount Paektu erupts!

Ashfall is a 2019 natural phenomena film that will make you feel great intensity and aftershocks.

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The unpredicted strong earthquake magnitude from the sudden eruption of Mount Paektu causes the collapse of different infrastructures. It was then, another eruption is about to happen.

There was a 34.7% chance to minimize the possibilities of damages according to Prof. Kang Bong Rae (Ma Dong Seok), as he was studying the activities of Mount Paektu for many years. How can they even raise the percentage to save the country and its people?

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📸: Viva International Pictures

This film garnered awards at the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 56th Daejong Film Awards for the year 2020 with star-studded casts- Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Ma Dong Seok, Bae Suzy, Lee Sang Won, Ok Ja Yeon, Han Soo Hyun, Kang Shin Chul, Kim Si-A and other actors and actresses.

You can watch these movies as many times as you want and can even pause them to suppress your feelings. Enjoy all of these and more on Prime Video!

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