AO EXCLUSIVE: ‘Kill Boksoon’ casts shares what made them say yes in the upcoming Netflix film 

Kill or be killed. This would be the primary takeaway audiences can anticipate with Netflix’s upcoming movie, “Kill Boksoon.” 

Last March 21, the cast of Kill Boksoon and Director Byun Sung-hyun greeted the press for a press conference to discuss the film.

A little bit about the movie

Kill Boksoon Netflix Cast
The cast of Kill Boksoon
L-R: Sol Kyung-gu, Esom, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Si-a, and Koo Kyung-hwan
Photo courtesy of Netflix

The movie features the life of an extraordinary contract killer., Gil Boksoon, who is also a single mother to daughter Gil Jae-young. Despite Boksoon’s impressive reputation as an assassin, she still struggles to juggle it with motherhood. An incident will put Boksoon to the test to sharpen her knife not only as an assassin but also as a mother.

Kill Boksoon was the only Korean film invited to be screened at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival. Director Byun Sung-hyun shared that he felt it was pure luck that made him to the film festival. Jeon Do-yeon on the other hand, was curious about how the audience will react to the movie. Young actress Kim Si-ah who was also at the film festival happily shared that it was an experience she’ll never forget.

Even though Sol Kyung-gu, Esom, and Koo Kwon-hwan weren’t able to attend the film festival, they all expressed how they felt happy and moved that the movie is well received.

The creation of Kill Boksoon

The movie happened all thanks to actor Sol Kyung-gu! In two previous films, the actor collaborated with Director Byun Sung-hyun, and Kyung-gu invited him to meet Jeon Do-yeon. As a longtime Jeon Do-yeon fan, Director Byun took advantage of the opportunity and asked the actress if she wanted to work with him.

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Since Do-yeon’s films were mostly dark and deep, Director Byun wanted to create something in between hence choosing the action genre. He even went to meet Do-yeon to discuss and gather up some ideas that led to the movie today.

On how the cast said Yes

Already known as an action-packed movie, the host asked the cast how they feel when upon reading the script and what appealed to them the most. And here are their answers:

Jeon Do-yeons first action film

Jeon Do-yeon as Gil Boksoon
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Do-yeon also shared that she was taken aback due to too much action in the film. She was worried that she may not deliver properly.

 I wanted to try it – I actually want to try a lot of different genres but chances don’t come that easy. So I was very happy when he proposed an action film. It was my first time deciding to go into a project without reading the scenario so I was happy but I did have my reservations too. 

Jeon Do-yeon

When asked about being Gil Boksoon, Do-yeon shared that she can somehow relate to her. Since Boksoon lives a double life of a loving mother and an assassin. The only difference is that Do-yeon’s other life is being an actress. 

Sol Kyung-gus third film with Director Byun Sung-hyun

Sol Kyung-gu as Cha Min-kyu
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Director Byun even claimed that he didn’t even ask Kyung-gu to join. He just called him one day and Kyung-gu already knew that he’ll have a new project to work on! 

 I mean there was really no reason to say no. I think I’m a fan of Director Byun’s films. I love working with him and the crew from The Merciless were the same crew that worked together on Kill Boksoon so I think we had really good teamwork. I think of the three collaborations this film is at the grandest level, so it really was a no-brainer. 

Sol Kyung-gu

Kyung-gu will portray the role of Cha Min-kyu, the ruthless chairman of M.K Ent., the number one agency when it comes to contract killing. Even though he appears to be cruel, he acts differently when it involves Gil Boksoon. When asked how he describes his relationship with Boksoon, Kyung-gu described Min-kyu as a man who will try everything to keep Boksoon by his side. 

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Kim Si-a’s Intriguing role

Kim Si-a as Gil Jaeyoung
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Gil Jae-young, the teenage daughter of Gil Boksoon is played by Kim Si-a. She’s currently a high school student who has a lot of secrets to hide, even from her mom. 

Si-a described Jae-young as someone who’s confident and daring and who’s very opposite of her. To prepare for this role, she received advice from Director Byun and Do-yeon. 

Esom’s another cool project

Esom as Cha Min-hee
Photo courtesy of Netflix

With her previous projects leaving a strong impression on the audiences, Esom will play the role of Cha Min-hee. Esom loved the theme of a female killer and was enthusiastic to work with the director and actors she admires; which made her say yes without even reading the scrip!

As Min-hee, she’ll play the younger sister of Min-ky, and also a director at M.K Ent. She is bold in showing her affection to her older brother and can be very unpredictable with her actions. While working as Min-hee, Esom mentioned that she relied heavily on Director Byun’s assistance to portray Min-hee and had a great time shooting.

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Koo Kyo-hwan’s interesting portrayal of Han Hee-seung

Koo Kyu-hwan as Han Hee-seung
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Kyo-hwan proudly shared that his character as Hee-seung is somehow inspired by Director Byun. Before joining the project, he read the script first and he claimed that it was fun to read. The actor also shared that he wanted to be part of this movie and that he trust Director Byun with his work. 

Kyo-hwan described Hee-seung as an ambitious colleague of Boksoon who wanted some credit and wanted to earn a lot of money. To portray Hee-seung, he tried his best to observe Director Byun and applied some of his philosophies and ideologies to his character. 

Why audience should anticipate it?

Fans can anticipate how the actors worked hard to prepare for this movie. With Director Byun’s hands-on and passionate effort in pre-production, the movie turned out to be something interesting! 

L-R: Director Byun Sung-hyun, Sol Kyung-gu, Esom, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Si-a, and Koo Kyo-hwan
Photo courtesy of Netflix

As per Director Byun, there are some unrealistic elements infused in this film that can be applied in real life. Which, the audiences can definitely relate to. The whole team prepared a lot to tell the story of Boksoon and the people around her that will show her different sides: as a killer, colleague, and mother. 

Kill Boksoon will stream on Netflix this March 31. 

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