ARTHDAL CHRONICLES: Appreciating the Characters

Finally, we’re on the page of September! It means that the Chapter 3 of Arthdal Chronicles is coming our way.

Most of us can’t contain our feels regarding the most awaited chapter continuation. Before that, let’s appreciate the characters that are considered scene-stealers and eye captivating from the past 2 chapters.

1. Jung Jae Won

Jung Jae Won also known as One, plays the role of young Tagon. His soft face features comes a strong character. We cannot deny the fact that he is indeed an eye candy!

2. Kim Ji Soo

BLACKPINK’s Ji Soo, in her cameo role, served us the aesthetic look in span of seconds. We didn’t expect that she will be the lover! She just beautifully played the role of Sae Na Rae.

3. Nikhun

2PM’s Nikhun, with his wavy hair, blue orbs,vand lips that needed to be concealed, was one of the existing Neanthals. His charismatic aura together with his role is such a perfect combination.

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4. Elena An

Elena An is a Russian actress that entirely shook us as she was speaking Korean language fluently. I bet everyone paused on her scenes and utter how beautiful she is.

5. Ki Do Hoon

Intrigued by his bare face behind the mask, Ki Do Hoon is an actor under SM Entertainment who got us thrilled. There is an episode where his face was fully revealed from the past chapter!

6. Song Joong Ki

Saya, the powerful character portray by Song Joong Ki himself, left us speechless as he was being considered as one of the great twist of the story. With his long wavy hair and everything else about him is just so fine. I bet everyone did screenshots and admire his look.

7. Kim Ji Won

One of the scenes that left us all hanging from the previous chapter is about the character of Tanya. The graceful synchronization of her dance will surely bring us the excitement as she was the direct descendant of the White Wolf.

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More characters will be shown on the next chapter! By the sneak peak, we can already make conclusions and assumptions. However, it is not just the hunches as the story is becoming deep and meaningful.

Along the way, we could meet a lot of scene stealers as Arthdal Chronicles Chapter 3 will be released soon.

How about you? Who is the one who captured your attention in this drama?

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