6 reasons why you should start watching ‘Squid Game’

Netflix finally released Squid Game – a nine-episode series that tells the story of 456 broke, debt-ridden people that has been invited to join a mysterious survival game that has a ₩45.6 billion prize with their lives at stake.

Just like the amount of games they’ll play, here’s six reasons why you should start watching the series. Are you ready to play the game?

Netflix Squid Game Still Cut 1

1. The plot and the nerve-wracking games.

456 broke people with endless debts have received mysterious cards that served as an invitation for them to play games and earn money. They will be playing 6 games they used to play when they were children.

Pretty easy right? The catch is, if you lose the game, you also lose your life. Literally. And only one can win so imagine the chaos.

Netflix Squid Game Still Cut 2

The creator of Squid Game is director Hwang Dong-hyuk (Miss Granny, Silenced, The Fortress). He said that he’s been planning Squid Game for over 10 years. His dedication shows as we witness incredible twists on what seemed like a simple detail.

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Squid Game’s plot may look simple but symbolisms are thrown throughout the entire run. Squid Game is meant to represent the wild competition of capitalism.

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk’s creative intent is to show the irony of how the good intentions of capitalism meant to help different types of people live well and prosper can actually harm humans and result in bloody, brutal competition.

We can also take a look at dark, human nature and how their instincts initially react and handle situations where they’re surrounded by people they can’t trust.

Netflix Squid Game Still Cut Masked Men

Every games are nerve-wracking yet addictive to watch. They’re simple child games but your hearts will definitely go off while watching. It will feel like you’re playing the game, too.

The suspense of who will die next and how they will die creates an exciting yet terror experience that would make you want to hold on to your seat. Better not drink that caffeine!

Warning: the games are also bloody and gore. Better eat your dinner before watching!

2. The aesthetics.

The scenes where the 456 people and the staff gathers together are very much pleasing to the eye. Don’t get fooled by the pastel colors, though! It gets dark pretty soon as people slowly starts to die one by one.

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3. The people and their baggages.

Lee Jung Jae (Sandglass), Park Haesoo (Prison Playbook) and Wi Hajun (18 Again) teamed up to give us a high quality series that one won’t forget. Each one had a unique story to tell as to why they ended up joining the mysterious survival game and are willing to risk their lives just like that.

Photo from Netflix Kr

Side characters who have come from all walks of life are also very much present in keeping the spice of the story. They play vital roles in the games. You will either love or hate them, there’s just no in-between! Their clashes are entertaining to watch in the VIP seat. Don’t get too attached, though!

Oh Young Soo
Netflix Squid Game Still Cut
Jung Ho Yeon
Tripathi Anupam
Heo Sung Tae
Kim Joo Ryung
Lee Yoo Mi

4. The art of feeling things.

Squid Game will let you experience friendships, pain, betrayal, trust, sacrifices, traumas, struggles, fear, coward, helplessness, discrimination, greediness, loneliness, teamwork, camaraderie, misogyny, selflessness, believing in human kind and so much more. We hope you’re equipped with tissues because all the feels are here!

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5. An important cameo.

Gong Yoo (Goblin, Train to Busan) made a special appearance on the show. Savor the appearance of this handsome, mystery man or you’ll get slapped!

Gong Yoo on Squid Game
Gong Yoo on Netflix's Squid Game

6. The mystery.

Who’s behind all the grand-scale games? Who meticulously planned all these? Who gathered all the contestants and their information? Who’s watching and monitoring everything? Is it all real? Guess you’ll have to find out!

All screenshots from Squid Game

In this dark, cruel, competitive world that runs on money, one must always live righteously and choose to be a good person at heart. But not everyone has the opportunity to do so with all the effects capitalism has made us. Here’s an invitation for you. Are you in?

Images courtesy of Netflix

Watch Squid Game, streaming now on Netflix!

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