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Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938: A Compelling Sequel You Shouldn’t Miss!

What does Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 have in store for you?

An action-filled amazing story with an extraordinary cast.

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Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 is a sequel to the K-drama series with the same title (without the date). It started by briefly summarizing what had happened in the first story and continued to the present where Lee Yeon (played by Lee Dong Wook) was bargaining for his half-brother’s reincarnation status, Lee Rang (played by Kim Bum).

Everything was going well until a man with a red and white mask appears to disturb the balance between the living and the dead by stealing the guardian stone.

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In order to restore the balance between the living and the dead, Lee Yeon was given the task to travel back in time and retrieve the missing guardian stone.

At first, it seems to be an easy task, until Lee Yeon crosses paths with his only brother who he misses very much.

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To make it worse, the man who was wearing the red and white mask clearly wanted him dead. 


Being a fan of the first drama, I was amazed at how they were able to make a sequel out of it. Honestly, it was a surprise to me to see a Korean series make a sequel because it seldom happens. 

After seeing the first two episodes, I was completely thrilled and filled with so much happiness at how brilliant the writers were able to make this new story. The way that they were able to connect the first story with this sequel made it even more interesting. 

This season is set in 1938, when Korea was colonized by the Japanese. I was blown away by the cinematography and production elements of the series—from the costumes to the set, it definitely did not disappoint. 

But that’s not all, what makes this series even more fascinating are the additional cast members introduced in the story because they not only spice up the plot, but also make it more engaging. 

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Kim Soyeon, who played the role of Ryu Hongju, is one of the highlights of this series. You will see a glimpse of her charming side through her action scenes and a bit of comedy, which makes her more endearing.

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Let’s not forget the man behind all the trouble that Lee Yeon is facing—the man in a red and white mask—Cheon Muyoung played by Ryu Kyungsoo.

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Each episode is filled with spellbinding new mysteries that will surely keep its viewers on the edge of their seats with its action sequences while also making them laugh their hearts out with some comedic relief at the right moments. 

All in all, Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 is definitely a drama that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you are a fan of mythical creatures like the gumiho, and their stories. This series, particularly the new characters, will definitely keep you entertained and make you come back for more.

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