Kim Rae Won and Lee Da Hee Confirmed as Lead Stars for tVN’s “Luca”

Another interesting tVN series is in the works and it promises to offer a cutting-edge genre that viewers have never seen before.

Carrying the title, Luca, this sci-fi drama tells the story of a person born with characteristic strength  and  inhabits the unknown world called “Genetics”. The plot is said to revolve around this person’s journey of finding answers surrounding his existence. Inspired by Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species,  the people behind its production are quoting  that this series will carry a “disruptive” and “differentiated” content which adds even more to the excitement of the fans who are eagerly waiting for its release.

With a powerful storyline, the anticipation further builds up when Kim Rae Won and Lee Da Hee  were confirmed to take on the lead roles of this drama.

Kim Rae Won will play the role of Ji Oh, the person from “Genetics”whose journey towards self-discovery will lead him in crossing paths with people from the real world. Described as someone who appears emotionless with an unrivaled strength, the mystery behind his character will make up the core of the story.

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Lee Da Hee who is known in playing  feisty roles in her previous dramas  The Beauty Inside and Search: WWW will take on the role of Gu Reum, a reckless detective who is also in search of answers about the disappearance of her parents. With a proven stance  in portraying strong female characters, she will surely captivate  the hearts of many in this drama again.

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How Ji Oh and Gu Reum’s story will come into play is something worth looking forward to.

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The drama which already began filming is directed by Kim Hong Sun who is previously known for his suspense/thriller works,  Liar Game, Black and Voice. The screenplay is written by  Chun Sung Il whose noteworthy works are 7th Grade Civil Servant and The Package.

LUCA is scheduled to broadcast in the second half of this year.

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