KMovie Recommendation : Miss and Mrs. Cops

***Spoiler Alert***

Miss and Mrs Cops is a South Korean Comedy and Crime busting movie. The film talks about two policewomen who also happen to be sister-in-laws. Both of them struggling to fit in the world that’s mostly run by men.

Mi-yeong (played by Ra Mi-ran) is a former officer of Special Women’s Task Force. However, she was assigned to work at the Public Service Center after getting married and giving birth. Ji-hye (played by Lee Sung-kyung) is a rookie Policewoman and Mi-yeong’s sister-in-law. Due to some unfortunate events, Ji-hye was removed from her post and was transferred at the same Public Service Center where Mi-yeong also works.

The story took a sharp turn when a young woman left her phone and hurriedly ran outside. Mi-yeong followed her to give back the phone along with Ji-hye only to witness the young woman being hit by a truck.

With the help of Mi-yeong’s close friend and seatmate who is a tech expert, Jang-mi (played by Choi Soo-young) they were able to open the victim’s phone only to find out that the girl was one of the victims of a group of men who drugs women to rape and film them then upload the film over the internet for money. Out of shame, the victims usually commits suicide.

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Both of them reach out to several departments to help the girl by stopping her video from spreading. Unfortunately, no one helped them, making them take the matters with their own hands.

Find out how two woman fight their way out to seek justice for women who can’t fight their own battles at the same time showing the world what they are made of. That women too, deserves a chance and to remind the world what real policemen and women are meant to do.

I really love this quote from Ji-hye :

“You know, people, when they suffer something unfair.
They reach out for help.
Because they can’t deal with it alone.”

I love how all the characters played their role.

The way Wi Ha-joon would make you so mad at him or the way Yoon Sang-hyun played his role as a poor husband and brother of Mi-ran and Sung-kyung

A must watch film, I guarantee you would love it!

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