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AO EXCLUSIVE: What to look forward to in Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

Another Netflix Korean series is coming to our screen!


All Of Us Are Dead is based on a popular webtoon and became Netflix’s first Korean live-action YA Zombie Apocalypse Series to release on January 28. It is set in a university that becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. Trapped students make a way to survive the happenings and some might turn into one of the rabid infected.

Before the initial premiere, the casts and director held a virtual press conference on January 26 talking about their roles and the making of the series itself. The attending casts were Yoon Chan Young, Solomon, Lim Jae Hyeok, Lee Yu Mi, Park Ji Hu, and Yoo In Soo wearing their school uniforms and usual get-up in the series. Along with them is the series director named Lee JQ.

The said press conference was designed inside the classroom room where the casts and director sit in school chairs with desks and Park Kyung Rim as the moderator on behalf of the wide media. All the casts auditioned for their respective roles and they got immersed in the series’ script.

When asked about why Director Lee JQ chose to direct this particular series, he answered, “There are a lot of zombies content and most stories focused on the adults, but this (series) is unique as it happened in a very confined space that is a school and happens to students who are not yet mature adults.”

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“I wanted to look into the choices (of the students) and felt it might be interesting and intriguing. And felt that I could bring a new meaning to the zombie genre,” he added.

The director also shared the wave of pressure he felt, and the casts as well, in making the series as it is based on the popular webtoon that a lot of people anticipated. He also met the creator of the story and talked about how to make the story to life.

“We want to tell the story of what kind of hope people should carry as we live our lives what it means to be human. So, while it will be a widely entertaining show, we also want to create a drama that leaves you food for your thought as well,” he implied.

According to Lim Jae Hyeok, the biggest differentiating factor in the usual zombie contents and All Of Us Are Dead is that the former have guns or weapons and soldiers involved but the latter is situated in school and what they have in hand as a weapon would be school supplies.

The director also added that the series has different details in the zombies; they had a choreography that helps postulates the actions and movements of the zombies, as well the process of their becoming.

The set also pranked the casts when a group of zombies suddenly emerged in the classroom made the students startled and surprised, except for Yoo In Soo who immediately got familiar with the zombie, which is also part of the series.

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They also revealed that there is a certain sound that made the zombies go away.

Get to know the characters


Park Ji Hu: I play the role of Nam Ohn Jo. She is a junior, she is very popular for her upbeat, down-to-earth personality. And her father is a firefighter, so she has these survival skills her father taught her. So, these come in handy in times of crisis and she is very smart.

Yoon Chan Young: Chung San (his role) has been best friends with Ohn Jo since they were babies. He keeps his long-time love for Ohn Jo. He is very just, fast, and really good at escaping against zombies.


Jo Yi Hyun: I am like at the top of the class, I am the class president. My name is Nam Ra in the series and she always wears earphones because she doesn’t want to talk to her friends. Nam Ra gradually breaks her walls while joining forces with her friends to survive.

Solomon: I play the role of Soo Hyuk and he wants to be in the army later on. He wants to be a soldier so he uses all his might to protect his friends at the zombie outbreak. He goes all out and takes on dangerous tasks. He is kinda like of a leader.


Yoo In Soo: I play the role of Yoon Gwi Nam. He is a notorious bully and among his crew of friends, he always ranks second. He does whatever is necessary to survive and he becomes the bigger threat to the survivors rather than to the zombies.

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Lee Yoo Mi: I play the role of Na Yeon. She is a wealthy girl and all the issues, all the complex happened in the series is spread by her, basically.

Lim Jae Hyuk: Yes, I play the role of Dae Soo. He is the life of the party, he is very happy, optimistic, kind of naive, and he uses his explosive strength from his large physique to protect his friends.

After this, the casts answered some rumors within them and confirmed it with honest answers.

When they are asked who has the most chance of survival in the zombie attack, Chan Young answered it would be In Soo, which Solomon seconded. Jae Hyuk answered Chan Young because he is a well-coordinated and fast runner, also quiet and calm. In Soo, on the other hand, agreed to Jae Hyuk and answered Chan Young who has the most chance of survival.

Lastly, the casts and Director Lee JQ recorded their last messages for the viewers in the camcorder. Catch them on January 28 and let us all have a fun and thrilled Friday!

See complete press conference photos in this link. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

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