Aside from rooting for the lead couple in a K-drama series, are you also the type of fan who looks on other angles such as finding some adorable bromances from male casts? If yes, we are on the same page, bes!

First things first, bromance is defined as a close but nonsexual relationship between two men. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

One of the reasons why people love watching K-drama is because of its cute bromances which shows that men can be expressive too in their friendships.

Here is the list of 10 K-drama series featuring adorable bromances from our favorite K-actors.

Goblin (Kim Shin & Wang Yeo)

Credits: @NewBe

If you asked a K-drama fan about his/her favorite bromance, majority will definitely answer the unexpected friendship of the Goblin and Grim Reaper.

These duo will surely make you smile, laugh and cry in tears. Indeed, a God tier bromance of all time!

Chicago Typewriter (Han Seju & Yu Jin Oh)

Credits: @yeo-rims (Tumblr)

The friendship of these two is transcendental!

Who would have thought that a friend in your past life could also remain as your friend in the present time?

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Are you curious about the story of their friendship? Then you should watch Chicago Typewriter now!

W: Two Worlds (Kang Chul and Seo Do Yoon)

Credits: Tumblr

The overflowing visuals from these two friends are real!

The friendship of Kang Chul and Do Yoon definitely taught us what friends are really for. Through ups and downs, Do Yoon stayed with Kang Chul. Indeed, friendship goals!

Suspicious Partner (Noh Ji Wook & Ji Eun Hyuk)

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Despite of the misunderstandings in their past, Noh Ji Wook and Ji Eun Hyuk will surely make your heart flutter with their friendship full of lowkey gestures!

Want to know more? Then, you should watch Suspicious Partner now!

Are You Human? (Nam Shin & Lee Joon Hyuk)

Credits: @heartou (Tumblr)

Their friendship is on another level as Lee Joon Hyuk is both friends with the real Nam Shin as well as the robot Nam Shin.

Are you confused, bes? Then you should add Are You Human? now in your watch list!

Descendants of the Sun (Yoo Shi Jin & Seo Dae Young)

Credits: @laara41 (Tumblr)

Who wouldn’t miss the captain and sergeant friendship of Big Boss and Wolf? Yes, we all miss that and we want to ask more of their adorable moments together.

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I guess, you’ll be rewatching Descendants of the Sun upon seeing this cute gif of Big Boss and Wolf. ~

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (An Min Hyuk & In Kook Do)

Credits: @st_vincent666

Despite of being rivals, Min Hyuk and Kook Do developed their unexpected friendship because of Do Bong Soon.

You might have experienced second lead syndrome here but bes, their bromance is on another level and is definitely worth watching!

School 2013 (Go Nam Soon & Park Heung Soo)

Credits: Pinterest

This is of one of the dramatic bromances in the history of K-drama featuring high school friends Nam Soon and Heung Soo.

School 2013 will definitely make us realize the importance of reconciliation in all aspects.

Additionally, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin are close friends in real life. A bromance, indeed!

Love in the Moonlight (Lee Young & Kim Byung Yeon)

Prepare your tissue as you watched one of the heartbreaking scenes of Lee Young and Byung Yeon in Love in the Moonlight!

These two will always remind us the importance of love and sacrifices in friendship.

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Kill Me, Heal Me (Oh Ri On & Cha Do Hyun/Ahn Yo Na)

Credits: @NewBe

I am not really sure if this is also counted as bromance but who would not remember this iconic scene in Kill Me, Heal Me?

Cha Do Hyun (diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder) who is sometimes Ahn Yo Na liked Oh Ri On portrayed by Park Seo Joon.

You will definitely laugh hard with their unexpected scenes particularly when Yo Na called Ri On “Oppa” in public.

The above-mentioned are only few out of many K-drama bromances out there, feel free to comment your favorite bromance so that we could add them on the list.

Watching can also be converted into a form of learning, right? So as much as we love watching bromances, we must also contribute in breaking toxic masculinity in the society because normally, there is nothing wrong with men being showy and expressive with each other just like what is shown in K-dramas.

How about you, bes? What is your favorite K-drama bromances so far?

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