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The ultimate guide in knowing South Korea’s popular drink – Jinro Soju

How’s your Jinro soju drinking experience so far, mga bes?

(Disclaimer: This article is written in partnership with Jinro Philippines)

Whether you are a K-drama fan or not, you might already have heard of “soju” drink. No matter the scene in a K-drama, we can spot a soju in its particular episode, either because of a confession, heartbreak, or friends and family bonding, and many more.

Originated in South Korea, soju is a vodka-like drink made out of a rice wine that comes with various flavors. This drink is suitable for people of ages 18+ who want to simply enjoy or spice up their drinking experience.

With this, let us get to know more about Jinro (Chamisul) soju and how it gains its popularity in South Korea and worldwide. But first, geonbae! 

Now, here’s some information that you might want to know regarding Jinro:

1. Jinro is a top-selling spirit brand in the world

Photo courtesy: Jinro Philippines

Jinro (Chamisul) has maintained its reputation as the world’s best-selling soju drink. Traditionally made of rice, barley, and koji, this beverage offers a sweet and savory vodka-like drink that varies on its flavors. 

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In a 2018 report by International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR), Jinro became a top rank in terms of alcohol beverage popularity in the market. Established in 1924, Jinro still holds the record of being the best-selling soju worldwide.

2. Jinro comes with various flavors of soju

Photo courtesy: Jinro Philippines

There are different flavors of soju such as Chamisul Original, Chamisul Fresh, Grapefruit, Grape, Plum, Strawberry, Jinro 24, and Jinro Light. These soju flavors of Jinro have been receiving positive feedback from customers worldwide based on consumers’ product satisfaction.

3. Jinro soju also works by mixing with different drinks

You might hear of different soju mixes and if you haven’t tried it yet, then give these mixes a chance! Jinro soju can be combined with other drinks such as Yakult, fruit juices, coffee, beer, energy drink, popsicles, and many more. You should definitely try these mixes to elevate your all-out drinking experience.

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4. Get to know the brand ambassadors of Jinro

Psy (2013)

Photo courtesy: HiteJinro

Korean singer Psy became the spokesperson of HiteJinro beer and soju and promoted the product in the U.S. last 2013.

Irene of Red Velvet (2018)

Photo courtesy: Jinro Philippines

In 2018, Irene became the face of HiteJinro at the age of 27.

IU (2014-2018, and present)

Photo courtesy: Jinro Philippines

Currently, IU is the ambassador of Jinro. She has the most extended term in being a brand ambassador of Jinro from 2014 to 2018. After a break, HiteJinro officially confirmed the return of IU as the face of the brand in 2020 up to the present.

Moreover, IU and Park Seo Joon also cast the promotional video of HiteJinro soju last 2018. Watch below:

5. Meet the Jinro Toad

Photo courtesy: Hite Beer and Jinro Soju

There are several brands of soju in the market, but what makes Jinro a unique one? Simply because of its signature symbol – the Jinro Toad!

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To easily spot a Jinro soju bottle, just look for a cute toad in the upper left of its label. The color of the toad varies depending on the flavor. Make sure to always spot the Jinro Toad for a real soju experience, mga bes!

Now, if you are looking for a sign to drink soju and channel your inner Kdrama feels, this is it!

Jinro is available both in online stores and supermarkets. You can also visit Jinro Philippines’ official website and social media pages for more details.

Facebook: Jinro Philippines Instagram: @jinroph

Note: Drink responsibly and if you’re in legal age na mga bes!

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