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‘Are You Human Too?’: An Ending With A Twist?

KBS2’s Are You Human Too? stars Seo Kang-joon and Gong Seung-yeon. The story revolves around an AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot named Nam Shin III who disguises themself as the human Nam Shin who fell into a coma after an accident.

Now that the much-awaited ending has finally been revealed, some of the viewers are starting to ask questions about the “twisted ending”. In the last episode, we’ve seen the evil (lol!) Seo Jong-gil (played by the brilliant actor, Yoo Oh-Seong) shot Nam Shin 3 two times before falling into the water. Then, the last minutes of episode 36 shook our minds when Nam Shin III appears in front of Kang So-bong (Played by Gong Seung-yeon).

Viewers are indeed happy for “RoboShin” and Kang So-Bong but speculations are started to arise when Nam Shin III cried…with actual tears. (Kahit ako ay nalito rin mga bes! Hindi ko na alam kung sino or ano paniniwalaan ko. Haha!)

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Whoever it is, it was indeed a happy ending for all the characters, especially the human Nam Shin, Nam Shin III and Kang So-Bong.

In your point of view, who do you think it is?

Is it The Human Nam Shin or The Robot Nam Shin III?

You can comment on your feelings and opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. As much as I was anticipating and loved this drama in its starting few episodes, I started to hate it past 12-15 episodes. I just skimmed and watched without any emotions. Now that I read comment about that teardrop could be gift from David, I think it can be so. Finally one of my most disappointing dramas ended and somehow managed to finish it without dropping.

  2. it is a Robot NamShin bcause Before He appear infront of SoBong..Human Namshin, David and his personal assistant saw them from afar.

  3. Nam Shin on the beach is actually the real Nam Shin. The Nam Shin where the three men are looking on, says it was all because of Shin’s money that they finally found “him” and Davis says to the Nam Shin with them “It took a long time to fix you” and you realize that the Nam Shin looking on is the robot, while the Nam Shin on the beach actually is the human shedding a tear. (Recall that prior to this scene, the Nam Shin visiting the Chairman’s office actually seems chastened and asks how So Bong is doing… so is he a chastened Nam Shin who has developed a fondness for So Bong, or is it the robot Shin who has assumed the corporate role?). I love it!

    1. I love your comment. It is only logic that human nam shin is the one on the beach. My reasoning being he is human and the only son of Laura that everyone is trying to protect. He suffers a lot after being separated from his mother and grew up pretending to be a spoilt brat as his crazy grandfather wanted. He has a fondness for so bong. But it was the innocence and kindness of robot nam shin that steals her heart. Thanks to his creator, he was designed that way. As AI, he is very curious about humans and wanted to protect them. But he is still a robot even though he looks like shin. So bong deserve to live a normal life with a real human likes what her father wanted it to be. It’s all now up to real nam shin to carve a place in her heart. All thanks to robot shin.

    2. I agree with you real nam shin is on the beach,,first I’m very confused with it when the nam shin who hug shanon cried that I thought it was the robot,,but in the scene that Dr. David called my son the nam shin beside him it is very clear that the real nam shin is in the beach because Dr. David only called my son to the robot

  4. The problem is script writers tend to over complicated the shows with to much drama-Was there really any reason to make Robot Shin aggressive??
    Script writers make or break a story-Nonsense about making the robot aggressive ridiculous!!

    1. If Nam Shin the real is on the beach, then I don’t think he will be accepted by So Bong when she comes to know of it. She has loved Nam Shin III knowing It was a Robot and with whom she could not have a normal married life. The replacement won’t work. And what happens to Ye Na, the girlfriend of the real Nam Shim. It was because of her timely interventions that the situation was fixed even if it resulted in her father’s arrest.
      So I think it works if the robot is with So Bong.

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