Let’s Go Back to 1930s with this Underrated Classic K-drama — Chicago Typewriter

Thanks to the sacrifices of your youths, we live in a world like this. Pass this message along to the youth of the time, and I thank them for creating this world for us.

– Han Se Ju (Chicago Typewriter, 2017)

Friendship, love, passion, and liberation – four words to summarize Chicago Typewriter. The quote above from Han Se Ju is the actual reason why I was definitely moved by this K-drama.

These past few weeks, I have seen many recommendations regarding this K-drama titled “Chicago Typewriter”. With my utmost curiosity, I’ve watched it until the end and all I could say is that — it is indeed a classic masterpiece reflecting reality.

If you are into K-drama with real substance, then you must watch this one. Here are the things that I loved about Chicago Typewriter:

Aesthetic cinematography and production with vintage vibes

The locations, casts, production and everything in it are beyond aesthetics. It will make you travel back to the 1930s just by watching this K-drama.

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Eargasmic OST

The OST “Satellite” will bring you nostalgic feels that will bring back scenes that you have watched. Songs were perfectly matched on the mood of this drama. You can listen to the Chicago Typewriter playlist on Spotify.

To further explain aside from technicalities, here are the reasons why Chicago Typewriter is a must watch K-drama:

1. This K-drama shows that friendship is transcendental.

The friendship of this trio will make you smile, laugh and cry in tears. You will definitely love every inch of their character as they cater to you different emotions while having a glimpse of their past lives.

This trio proves that friendship is indeed beyond the word itself, it is transcendental. Real friends will always choose to stay by your side unconditionally, through ups and downs, even in your past, present and future lives.

2. It displays fangirling’s struggle and success.

Jeon Seol has been a fan of Han Se Ju since he debuted as a writer. She is a fan even if Se Ju has no accomplishments yet. She was there for him even though he barely recognized her. In the end, Jeon Seol proved to Se Ju that she is not just a fan, she can also be his lover. Fangirl goals indeed!

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3. Chicago Typewriter will boost your enthusiasm for writing.

The lead character, Han Se Ju is a writer in his present and past life. His aspiration and passion for writing will inspire you to write something that will not only lead you to fame but can also be used to change the world.

4. This K-drama exhibits the importance of movement/revolution in one country’s liberation.

Write. Speak. Act. Fight. These are the things that I learned upon watching Chicago Typewriter. Leading a movement is not an easy task because fighting for liberation in times of colonization is most likely risking lives. Hwi Yeong (Han Se Ju’s character in his past life) the head of Joseon Youth Alliance together with his comrades during the Japanese Occupation risk their lives to achieve their country’s freedom.

5. Furthermore, Carpe diem!

From now on, every time I’ll hear carpe diem, it will remind me of Dead Poets Society (also a highly recommended film) and Chicago Typewriter.

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Carpe diem means “seize the day, focus on the present and make the most out of it.” This K-drama encourages us to do something in the present that is worth your time and will surely bring you enjoyment.

As what Yu Jin Oh said, “Yesterday is no longer yours, so do it now.”

Personally, this K-drama does not only teach us about friendship, love, and passion. Thus, it moves us up into the idea of seeking freedom for ourselves and the country. Chicago Typewriter is more than just a typical K-drama.

So what are you waiting for? Carpe diem and watch Chicago Typewriter now!

Photo courtesy: Screenshots from Chicago Typewriter

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