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6 Reasons why you should watch “Kill Me, Heal Me” now

If you’re looking for a Korean drama with a lot of life lessons to learn, romantic comedy medical one, and something to watch with your family; then, Kill Me, Heal Me is perfect for you.

It tells the story of a wealthy businessman who is diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder after experiencing traumatic events. He is secretly being helped by a psychiatric resident.

Below are the six reasons why you should watch it now!

Roller coaster ride of emotions

Kill Me, Heal Me is one of the few K-dramas which I watched with my mother and sister. I don’t clearly remember how many times I’ve already seen this drama but I love rewatching it. One of the best things you should look forward to it is the roller coaster ride of emotions.

There are heavy parts here that you will surely cry your heart out; however, there are also various funny scenes here. When I say funny scenes, you will surely laugh so hard until your stomach hurts.

If I have a favorite funny moment here, it would be the transformation of Ji Sung’s character to Yo Na. I love how versatile Ji Sung is to portray a character like Yo Na. It was also a good scene because the change in atmosphere was so quick!

Moreover, you should also expect that they will flatter your heart then break it later; will make you realize a lot of things in life; can send you chills and thrill whenever Shin Se Gi is showing up; will make you laugh, grin, roll your eyes, and so on.

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Acting skills of main leads

The tandem of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum is one of the best in K-drama land!

It is so hard to find an actor like Ji Sung who is so versatile. Take note that he portrayed seven personalities (with different age and gender) in one K-drama. I’m deeply amazed how he managed to study those seven characters and give us flawless acting. What made me admire him more is how he changes character from a serious one to opposite.

On the other hand, Hwang Jung Eum is also a great actress! The way how her eyes speak emotions and message, I clearly understood what she wants to say. In fact, she doesn’t need to speak a lot of lines because her gestures and facial reactions are already enough. So, when she starts talking, you’d surely get swayed and love her acting skill.

Moreover, I must say that the other cast members also did great. They portrayed their roles well to give us such an outstanding K-drama. You might also look forward to Oh Min Suk!

Park Seo Jun

Before Park Seo Jun had his major breakthrough, I’ve known him as a supporting actor. I’m one of the happiest persons on Earth after he’s been recognized by many.

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His sibling relationship with Oh Ri Jin as Oh Ri On gave me the thought of “what if I had a guy sibling?” As a twin brother to Oh Ri Jin, he is so sweet, caring, and thoughtful although it cannot be seen sometimes.

Life lessons

There are various life lessons to learn from this K-drama. It perfectly depicted few societal issues, to family, and self-love.

First, this highlighted mental health and awareness with care and perfection. Many people have less knowledge when it comes to this matter. So, it sometimes results to wrong community perception towards mental illness.

The journey and struggles of Cha Do Hyun will teach you to be kinder to other people as we know little about others. Saying that, we should also avoid being judgmental to individuals who are diagnosed with mental illness. What we can do is to be aware of it and be understanding likely to what Oh Ri Jin showed.

Second, the importance of good family relationship. Children need love, care, deep understanding, and guide. Never hurt a child whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally. Instead, treat them well and teach them in a good way.

Third, healing process takes time, courage, and a lot of effort. Some people needs reconciliation, an apology, or genuine love and support. No matter how hard it could be, Cha Do Hyun made us realize that it’s worth it— you’ll have your happy days too.

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Furthermore, the characters also taught as how unconditional love looks like, how we shouldn’t be greedy, and how we should pursue and work hard for our life goals.

The content and plot twists

Kill Me, Heal Me didn’t just focus on a wealthy businessman suffering from a mental illness. It depicted how such illness affect the diagnosed person, how he fights against it daily, and why we should be more understanding of them and their situation. Cha Do Hyun has gone through a lot but he’s persistent and brave. Despite the little support he gets, he remains brave and hard working.

Although dissociative identity disorder and child abuse are both sensitive topics, these were well handled and the message was delivered clearly. There’s no offending lines nor even gestures seen; the writer, cast members, and every staff took the topics seriously, avoiding misinterpretation and alike. Great job!

Aside from that, the plot twists related to the past of the characters and their secrets are mind-blowing. You’ll surely be left in awe; expect that each episode is interesting without dull moments.


If I have a favorite official sound track of this drama, it would be Auditory Hallucination. Whenever I hear the rap lines, I always get goose bumps.

It compliments well the scenes of Kill Me, Heal Me where it was played. The voice and message are perfect!

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