If you’re into melodramas, When The Weather Is Fine is the one for you!

When The Weather Is Fine is based on the 2018 novel of the same name written by Lee Do Woo.


When The Weather Is Fine is a story about Lim Eun Seob (Seo Kang Joon), a bookstore owner, and Mok Hae Won (Park Min Young), an unemployed cello teacher. They were former classmates and neighbors and were separated when they grew up. Both have personal problems that they are scared to share with anyone, but when they found each other, they learned to be more open about themselves.

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This drama ended last week with such a great story line and conclusions for all the characters. Various themes revolve around the drama, and this one theme is what caught my attention the most: LOVE.

5 Kinds of LOVE in the drama

While watching the drama, I realized that there are various definitions of love. In this article, I will be stating the kinds of love I encountered while watching and hopefully could serve as a reason on why you would want to watch this drama too.

Love for books/literature

This is the first kind of love I see in the drama.

Eun Seob owns the bookstore called “Goodnight Bookstore”. Aside from being a bookstore owner, Eun Seob also hosts a book club wherein they read a book out loud and discuss it. They mostly talk about poetry.

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Some of the books they discussed in the drama might be fictional, but I still find the books really great and inspirational.

As someone who’s also a bookworm, I admire their love for books and it’s also my dream to run my own bookstore soon.

If you’re someone who’s into reading, this drama is something you need to watch.

Love for family

Of course, there is plenty of love for the family shown in the drama. I couldn’t go into details because I might spoil the story, but these are the characters who have shown great love for their family in the story.

Lim Eun Seob and his family

The bond and closeness of Eun Seob’s family is hashtag goals. I love how they cared for each other and whenever something happens to a family member, they would immediately look for a solution so they can help. This act only shows that you don’t need to be blood related to be called a family.

Shim Myeong Joo and Shim Myeong Yeo (Hae Won’s mother and aunt)

The story of these two sisters is one of the biggest plot twists in the drama. Aside from the two leads, their story is also what made me look forward in watching the drama.

The love between these two sisters is something I admire. In general, it’s not easy to do something for someone, but when it comes to family, specifically to siblings, you will do anything just to save them.

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Love for your neighbors

I love it when dramas show such beautiful bond between the townspeople.

Their town is called Bukhyeon Village and everyone knows each other. Help is given freely to everyone even if they don’t ask for it. This just shows that as long there is a good relationship between people, everyone can live together peacefully.

There are two events in the drama in which I see the unity of the townspeople: during the rice cake festival and the Hyecheon High School reunion.

Love for yourself

I’ve seen in many dramas how the lead characters had a hard time loving themselves. More often than not, it usually keeps them distant and leads them to shut their world out from other people.

Mok Hae Won had a bad experience during her younger years which still haunts her up to this day. To forget her painful past is what made her decide to move back to her hometown. Little did she know, this escape will open another door from her past that will eventually lead to her piece of mind and newfound self-love.

Love for your passion

I know all of us have something we enjoy doing. Some of us might be lucky enough to be in a situation where we both love what we do and do what we love at the same time.

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Such is the case for some of the characters in the story, they make a living out of their passion. But what if something happens that will lead you to stop doing what you love the most?

I appreciate it when characters realize the worth of their passion. No setbacks can keep them from pursuing what they love so they can feel happy again. This exact scenario happened to some of the characters in the drama and I’m sure you want to know their story too.

Is this drama worth it?


I’ve seen reviews from people saying that When The Weather Is Fine is slow-paced and a bit boring. Yes, this may be the case at times, but please hear me out: hold on to the story and you’ll see what I mean.

When The Weather Is Fine is a great story about finding one’s self and being open again to let other people come into your life.

Add this now to your list and fall in love with Eun Seop and Hae Won!

Happy viewing mga Bes!

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  1. Calm and warm-hearted drama. I loved it so much. I understand when people said it’s slow but that’s it’s charm for me

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