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Another korean drama is making waves, besting other ongoing series with powerhouse casts like Hospital Playlist and The King: Eternal Monarch in terms of ratings and popularity.

I am not a fan of heavy dramas and seemingly unhappy stories. But seeing a lot of posts with rave comments about this twisted tale of betrayal, and reading that it is currently breaking records towards becoming the highest rated cable drama of all time, made me very curious. What’s with the “World of the Married” that people keeps watching it even though they admittedly got irritated and annoyed by the way the story is progressing?

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So I gave it a try and boy, I now have an idea why people got hooked and we can’t definitely blame them.

The story is highly unpredictable.

We’ve seen many stories about infidelity and revenge already. But this one’s wickedly twisted that the intense scenes and turn of events, particularly the cruel ones, never fail to amaze the viewers.

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It provides a unique, dark entertainment.

There are many villains and evil characters that would totally get into your nerves. There were even times when the heroine made bad choices and becomes evil herself. Dark, but nonetheless entertaining. 

It is unconventional and deeply engrossing.

In a kdrama world filled with feel good vibes, this is one of the rare kind that’ll make you mad, annoyed, and fill you with different negative emotions. Unpleasant, yes. But it makes you forget your own harsh realities. And the distraction is much welcome, particularly in this difficult time.

It fills audience with overwhelming anticipation.

Having witnessed all the cruelties and wicked schemes, we are eagerly anticipating how would the story unfold and what would happen in the end. Will there be a happy ending for our fierce heroine? Would the characters we loathe get a proper ending they deserve? 

The audience appreciates a good story when they see one.

Viewers don’t need the hottest powerhouse cast nor a multi-million dollar production to get impressed. The series proved that all it takes is a good story that’s uniquely crafted above the rest and great actors with superb skills, and it’ll be on the road to becoming the highest rated kdrama of all time.

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  1. This Kpop drama is probably one of the best of 2020. I’ve series is totally gold and really worth-watching. It’s one of the most talked about series on Facebook and I even recommend it to my friends.

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