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Lee Jong Suk shows his support to Go Sung Hee on the set of “Me Alone and You”

On July 6, South Korean actress Go Sung Hee posted photos on her Instagram account featuring a food truck sent by Lee Jong Suk. Additionally, the snaps shared by her includes hashtags saying; “Appreciative gift arrived in the last filming day on set of Me Alone and You.”

Then, “God Jong Suk,” “Prosecutor Jung Jae Chan,” and “How are you doing?” Ending it with emojis.

The food truck was sent to the actress on the set of her new drama Me Alone and You; with the first banner stating, “To all the cast and crew of Me Alone and You, never think that you’re alone.” Then, a second banner saying, “Go Sung Hee is beside y’all.”

Lee Jong Suk and Go Sung Hee both starred in the 2017 SBS Korean drama While You Were Sleeping. The actor has also sent a coffee truck to Jung Hae In before. What a thoughtful friend!

Currently, Lee Jong Suk is fulfilling his duties in the military. While Go Sung Hee is busy with her new drama.

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