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15 K-drama OSTs that can cheer you up after a tiring day

Korean dramas are well known for having incomparable official sound tracks which Hallyu fans usually listen to. Guess what! Many OSTs can also be our happy pill to take anytime. Moreover, it can also help in reminiscing the good old times.

Below are the 15 K-drama OSTs that can cheer you up after a tiring day! You might want to download any of it and listen to it anytime.

Waikiki: Waikiki Wonderland – Ulala Session

Waikiki is known for giving K-drama fans a good laugh. Guess what! Its OST is also enjoyable from the song’s tune to the lyrics.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: Losing My Mind – Lee Seung Gi

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho would feel incomplete without this OST. It will not just remind you about the drama’s great scenes but will give you the “good vibes” feeling. Add up the fact that Lee Seung Gi’s vocals is suited to the theme and tune of the song.

Hi! School: Love On: Heartbeat – INFINITE F

The first time I heard this song, I already fall in love with this. The beat, tune, and vocals of the artists are just too good to be true. From that they on, I always listen to this when I feel tired, sad, or even happy. Moreover, the lyrics of this song is relatable to many especially to teens.

Goblin: Stay With Me – EXO’s Chanyeol and Punch

The first 10 seconds of Stay With Me will instantly gives us the goosebumps. As Punch will take the first line, we can suddenly feel soothed. In fact, even the rap lines of EXO’s Chanyeol is so good and calming. This song is just so perfect to make us smile after a tiring day. Though, it cannot be denied that its lyrics is lightly sad.

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She Was Pretty: Thumping – Kim Min Seung

Thumping is a recommended OST to everyone who wants to be lifted up. Even if some K-drama fans cannot totally understand Korean, it won’t be a problem. Just listen to the voice of the singer and you will be swayed.

Descendants of the Sun: Everytime – EXO’s Chen and Punch

Punch is seriously an incomparable singer so listening to her songs is just worthy to do. Guess what! She just collaborated with EXO’s Chen in one song for DOTS. Isn’t it so intriguing to know what OST they came up with? Here it is, Everytime that will give you a good time

Cinderella and the Four Knights: My Romeo – Jessi

Cinderella and the Four Knights would feel different without My Romeo. This song is so soothing in the ears and whenever I am playing this, I always make sure that I have the lyrics with me. In fact, this song keeps on reminding me about Ahn Jae Hyun as Kang Hyun Min in the drama.

Are You Human Too?: Love – Lyn and HanHae

Lyn is known for singing awesome pieces since then. So, when she released a new OST, it gives me all the excitement. In fact, when I had finally heard her song Love with HanHae, I knew that it is another masterpiece! Moreover, this song reminds me about all the good times and hard times which Nam Shin and Kang So Bong had faced. Are You Human Too? being an incredible drama plus Love as a sweet OST.

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Cinderella and the Four Knights: Confession – CNBLUE

Video from Warner Music Korean and Lee Jung Shin

Confession is about a person who is finally confessing his feelings to his loved one. It also talks about how much his loved one affects him and his happiness. In which, his loved one’s happiness is also his happiness. It is a song with sweet message and tune. I just really love the whole of it and the lovely voice of the singer.

Healer: Eternal Love – Michael Learns to Rock

Eternal Love is about staying beside your loved one despite struggles that both of you are facing. If things aren’t going well for the both of you, then you can start again. I just think that this is a great song because it teaches us to always choose to solve the problems in a relationship. Additionally, the song can help to calm you or take away your sadness.

Hwarang: Even If I Die, It’s You – BTS’s V and Jin

Video from VLive and Purple You Subteam

Even If I Die, It’s You is another OST worthy to listen to. It reminds us that no matter how painful it could be to fall in love; the person whom we cherish is still one of the sources of our hope and happiness. So, instead of giving up on him/her, we will still protect that person. In addition, the song also talks about the importance of our loved one in our life. Moreover, this song is pretty good because of the encouraging words about love and the song’s elements too.

Cinderella and the Four Knights: For You – BTOB

Personally, I love this K-drama OST so much. It talks about the usual feeling we get when we’re in love and the things we would risk for our loved ones. What’s more about this is the hope we continually hold onto when it comes to love. It also speaks about the beauty of love and how it affects us.

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BTOB has more great songs but For You is just so beautiful. Add up the fact that its beat and all about the songs are so perfect.

Reply 1997: All For You – Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji

Reply 1997 is such a great drama that Hallyu fans shouldn’t miss out. Guess what! Even its OST is so good to listen to. What makes it much appealing to the ears is the fact that Seo In Guk sang this song with Jung Eun Ji. This has showcased the beautiful voice of Seo In Guk!

Hi! School: Love On: Too Good – Junggigo

If we’ll be talking about Hi! School Love: On, we would probably mention Too Good being too good in the ears. Wherein, it helps to lighten up the mood in the drama and in our daily lives.

Boys Over Flowers: Stand by Me – SHINee

We all know how good the vocals of SHINee is, right? Many of us would also know how awesome Boys Over Flowers is, right? Guess what! SHINee sang one of the OSTs of Boys Over Flowers; and the song came out so wonderful.

Among the given songs from above, which one is your favorite and why? If you have any recommended OSTs that can uplift other people, you can drop its title on the comment section!

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