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5 Types of K-Fan Friend

In order for you to know your friends who are influenced by the K-Wave better, here are the 5 types of K-Fan (since they love anything about South Korea) that you might have as your friend:

The Hallyu-Wave a.k.a as the Korean Wave has invaded the Philippine media for years already, from the nostalgic Korean dramas to the upbeat Korean music, and trendy Korean clothes, that some Filipino chingus (friends) have adapted and lived their life influenced by the K-Wave.

In order for you to know your friends who are influenced by the K-Wave better, here are the 5 types of K-Fan (since they love anything about South Korea) that you might have as your friend:

1. The ‘Newbie’ Chingu

This type of friend is new to Korean entertainment. This friend just joined the K-Wave upon seeing Captain Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) from Descendants of the Sun or Yi Yeong (Park Bo Gum) from Love in the Moonlight and been browsing the newest to on-going K-Dramas ever since. One day, they may tell you that Gong Yoo from Goblin is the very same guy who starred Train to Busan or Coffee Prince and since you already know those facts, you can’t help but laugh or just give them new shows to watch to catch up.

This type of chingu is the one who’s also asking you non-stop to go to a Samgyeopsal restaurant because they think it is delicious upon watching *insert a k-drama with samgyeopsal episode* or been posing with a finger heart in their photos just because Park Seo Joon is doing it.

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As time goes by, your newbie chingu will have more than 13 reasons why he/she loves K-Drama.

2. The ‘K-Popper’ Chingu

Basing on the title itself, you can never escape having a friend who is addicted to Korean music. From late first generation of SHINWA, god, Seo Taiji and boys, Sechkies, Fin.K.L to the second generation of Super Junior, Bigbang, 2ne1, Girl’s Generation, SHINee and till the present generation of BTS, TWICE, iKON, Winner, Blackpink, Red Velvet and many more… this chingu just loves K-music so much. He or she might be present to his or her bias’ concert whenever he/she visits their country. And if lucky, he/she gets to watch their encore concerts abroad as well.

Lightsticks? Albums of different versions? Official and unofficial merchandises of their favorite groups? Trust me, this friend got any one of those mentioned..and even concert tickets from the previous concerts he/she has attended. So if you wanna meet a Kpop star someday, you better ask this friend how.

3. The ‘Oppa/Unnie Saranghaeyo’ Chingu

If this person can actually marry his or her bias actor or actress, then they might have been married to different people twenty times already, or even more than that. This person jumps from their crushes from time to time….or been crushing on different actors or actresses at the same time! Whenever asking them where they’ve met their new crush, they will always say “Ah, napanood ko yan sa *insert K-Drama/music video*” (“Oh, I saw him/her in *certain drama/show/video*”)

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This friend also believes in the marriage result whenever they play F.L.A.M.E.S having their names paired with their crushes. The only thing that can break this friend’s heart is whenever their bias has started to date, or even get married… (Song-Song couple is an exemption since everyone loved them dearly.) So when this friend goes through different emotional stages once her bias started dating, be sure to be with him/her.

4. The ‘Ahjumoni/Ahjussi’ Chingu

This ahjumoni /ahjussi/halmoni (old lady/old man) type of friend is someone who’s been a fan of anything Korean related way before they invaded the country fully…from Endless Love, Full House, Princess Hours, Lovers In Paris, to Boys Over Flowers, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Jumong, You’re Beautiful and to present dramas such as Hwayugi, W, Legend of the Blue Sea and many more.

This type of friend grew up surrounded with anything Korean related! From music, film, variety shows, fashion, and even food! This friend might also be taking Korean language lessons to watch those episodes without subs anymore!

5. The ‘Wangbi Mama/Wang Jeonha’ Chingu

This type of friend has been influenced by the Korean entertainment industry fully. Aside from visiting South Korea every time this friend can, he or she also practices the customs and traditions that native Koreans do!

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Given the nickname, Wangbi Mama/Wang Jeonha (Queen Consort/King), this friend is the royalty of all the friends you got who’s been in love with the K-Wave. He or she is financially stable to indulge in everything he or she wants.\

Fanmeets? Check. Fansign? Check. Concerts? Check. New Collection of *insert K-Actor’s endorsements*? Paid. Official Merchandises? Paid! The only thing missing to this type of friend is an immigrant visa or a Korean partner…lol!

How about you? Do you see yourself on our list? Or do you remember a certain friend that fits the description stated?

Or are you still surrounded by non K-Fan friends? Maybe it’s time to influence them as well!

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  1. I’m definetly in the Ahjumoni category, although I’ve been to S. Korea. I’m looking forward to moving on to the next phase and I’m always trying to get family/friends to listen to Kpop.

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