“Hi this is Annyeong Oppa, a kdrama addict, and this is my story…. more specifically, why I ended up being a kdrama fan.” 

I have been a kdrama fan for a long time now and it’s really fulfilling na these days, hindi na ako nag iisa. I created the Annyeong Oppa Facebook Page last year because I want to share my feels. Also I am hoping that I could reach out to fangirls/boys like me who wants to talk about kdramas but has no one to talk to. Fortunately, I did. And I am thankful.

Many people are asking why I love kdramas so much. Actually, there are so many reasons bes, but I tried my best to pick 13  reasons why I did.

1. Because kdramas gives me so much feels. Okay what is Feels? It is an intense gush of emotions. Yes, and kdramas gives me that. That’s the magic of korean dramas, it can bring out your emotions. Madadala ka talaga bes! 

2. Because kdramas is 1  hour per episode, it feels like I am watching a movie. Korean dramas runs for 1 hour, then they air it for two consecutive days every week. Tuloy tuloy na feels bes. 

3. Because kdramas can make me laugh and cry in an instant. Yes, it feels like riding a roller coaster. The build up of excitement is there. It can make you super happy now and super sad in just a second. Literal na nakakabaliw bes! 

4. Because kdramas have interesting plots. Creative story lines, love story match ups,  character stories ba ang hanap mo bes? Sagot na ng korean dramas yan. Lovestory of a Goblin and a Human? Mermaid and a Conman? Ugly girl Pretty Boy? Name it. (Ay except pala si Jisoo, certified no lovelife for life talaga siya bes, jusko Jisoo we will wait for your shining moment, labyu Jisoo). Basta bes, korean dramas will make you watch for more. I assure you, you will feel the “bitin effect”. Jusko Lalo na sa ScarletHart. Hahahaha. 

5. Because ABSolutely in kdramas there are lots of hot oppas. If you have the fangirl’s heart, you are seriously like a hawk when it comes to cute/hot/handsome guys in every scene of a kdrama. Jusko bes kahit nga kontrabida pa yan, basta cute Oppa na yan! Search agad sa social media, follow sa IG. Ayan tayo bes eh! Hahaha. Korean dramas can really satisfy your feels and hunger. Jusko KANIN!

6. Because kdramas make me believe that a poor, ugly girl like me can find a rich, handsome oppa someday. This is one of the major reason why people love korean dramas. It gives us hope. Hahaha. We are hoping that we can be like Kim Bok Joo or Do Bong Soon who found their Joonhyung and Minmin. Oppa, I exist, notice me po!

7. Because kdramas have super good soundtracks that can make you sentimental and happy at the same time. My phone is full of songs, korean songs to be honest. Korean dramas invests in OSTs. One of the reason why it’s hard to move on from a certain kdrama is because once you listen to it, it brings back all the feels. My favorite is Gummy, who is yours? 

8. Because when one kdrama ended, a new kdrama will help you move on. This is why I love korean dramas, it is a continuous pit of feels.  Walang ending ang feels, nag re-renew lang talaga siya every 3 months. Mahirap mag move on sa kdrama but thankfully another kdrama will save you from sadness. Kdrama fans are expert at moving on kaya!

9. Because kdramas taught me how to read english fast. This is one of the perks of being in love with korean dramas. It will unconsciously teach you how to read english fast. Partida bes, tinititigan mo pa yung mukha ni oppa while reading the subs. 

10. Because you will meet a lot of people who will understand you.. without judging you. There is a bond between kdrama fans. You might be from a different country or you have different languages but once you meet a kdrama fan, expect an instant bestfriend. You will never have dull moments because every moment is full of feels. Minsan nga gusto ko ng makisali sa mga nag-uusap about kdrama sa fx, like hi fam?!

11. Because in kdramas there are lots of mouth watering foods. Ramen! Kimchi! Kimbap! Soju! Samgyeopsal! Everytime I watch korean dramas with food scenes, I crave for it. It’s kinda pricey here in the Philippines though. The way they eat is so mouth watering. Jusko bes! Kahit ang anghang anghang ng mga pagkain nila, okay lang, masarap parin! 

12. Because kdramas are very accesible. Seriously bes, there are too many sites that are streaming korean dramas. BUT, most of them are illegal. If you’re going to ask me what I use in watching kdramas, I use the Viu App, it is a really good application to watch  kdramas LEGALLY and FREE. I am promoting them because it is LEGAL, that means, you can consider yourself as someone contributing to the ratings. You are supporting the kdrama community and of course our oppas kahit na wala tayo sa south korea! And I think that is a good payback sa feels na binibigay nila satin. No, I am not paid to promote Viu, I just love it that’s why I am sharing it 🙂

13. And lastly of course because kdrama is happiness. We watch because we want to be entertained. We want to feel happy and kdramas can give you that happiness in an instant. You forgot your real life dramas for a moment. It’s a stress reliever. 


Written by: Annyeong Oppa (Anj)


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  1. Daebak…! Wala na kong masabe.. I feel you bes,jinja… 😂 i really love it… 😁😍 heart finger.. 😁(bat wala man lang nakaisip ng emoji na heart finger?maganda sana kung may ganun,gamit gamit siguro sating mga kdrama adik yun,hahaha..)

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  2. Viu ka lang po ba nanonood?

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  3. omg this is just so accurate especially sa overflowing feels😭 Thank you for sharing this ate❣Btw I am so excited for your book!
    -a fangirl fangirling a co-fangirl😂🤗

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  4. I feel you po. 🙂 Gummy is ma fave too.. 👑 VIU app is da best 👍👏💗😍 Kdrama is life, it gives me so much feels 💖💖

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  5. Omo. Super relate ako sa mga reasons mo beeees! *insert tili* Grabe! Lalo na ito 👉 “Kdrama fans are expert at moving on kaya!” Hahaha Tsaka true na stress reliever po talaga. Ipagpatuloy niyo lang po yan Annyeong Oppa. We support you. Super looove 👉❤👈

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  6. Ahahaha pati mga di ko kaklose nafifinger heart ko e. Hahahaha. 😂😂 isa lang masasabe ko “I FEEL YOU” Okay tatlo un. Nvm! Basta! #KdramaIsLife #OppaIsLifer #Feeeeels

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  7. Omg grabe tlaga ang kdrama yUng feeling na nakasakay ka sa viking yung hnd tlaga mapipigilan ang hiyaw😁😁
    perO kc akOe tlaga hinahantay ni oppa jisoo eh busy lng po tlaga kya di ako pwd sa scarlet heart ahaha
    #kdramaislifer yUng tipOng kanin na lng tlaga kUlang admin pak na pak ka dUn hehe
    sa gUmawa po ng Facebook plz update nyo na sna may finger heart na tlaga😁😘
    #Saranghae admin push mOe lng 2😘


  8. “Because kdramas taught me how to read english fast. This is one of the perks of being in love with korean dramas. It will unconsciously teach you how to read english fast. Partida bes, tinititigan mo pa yung mukha ni oppa while reading the subs.”

    And lastly of course because kdrama is happiness. We watch because we want to be entertained. We want to feel happy and kdramas can give you that happiness in an instant. You forgot your real life dramas for a moment. It’s a stress reliever.

    — Eto talaga yun eh. Haha. Kdrama is lifeeeeee. Totoo talaga to eh, actually ako naging escape ko siya sa pagiging broken, when my ex-boyfriend and I broke up (3 yrs kami mahigit). Naghanap lang ako ng pagkakaabalahan para ma-divert talaga ang attention ko sa iba, so ayun nga, nagstart xa sa DOTS (OMO, kaya ngayon sobrang adik na ako kay Joong Ki Oppa hihi. oppa saranghaeyoooo ♥), then nagtuloy tuloy na 🙂 So, ayun, malaking tulong talaga nagawa sa buhay ko ng kdrama 🙂 Hihi. Thank you for this unnie Anj 🙂 God bless youuuuuu.

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  9. Omg!! The feeling is mutual bes… Eto talaga yun eh relate na relate. ❤️❤️ Thank you for creating ANNYEONG OPPA.. Yung akala ko ako lang yung ganto kasi wala ko ma share’an ng feels. Huhu Hope to meet you soon bes. Gusto kita i hug.

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  10. I’m a kdrama fan tooo!! Loved your post! At talagang totoo lahat to bes. All feels. Kdrama osts ang playlist, photos ni oppa ang kumakain rin ng storage mo, instant bff tlga pag may nalaman mong may kdrama fan rin sa school/work mo. Sarap mag-fangirl together! Hihi. Someday sana makapunta rin ng korea at ma-meet sina oppa at yung mapuntahan ung mga kdrama locations!! Ayyy ❤️ thanks for this post! Keep it up, chingu~ *fightinggg ~

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  11. Reblogged this on Chasing Wanderlust and commented:
    This is sooooo accurate! 😍 I’ve been a KDrama fan since Winter Sonata aired here in the Philippines. After that, yun na! Tuloy tuloy na sya 😅 Kinain na ng sistema. Thanks for sharing this to all the fangirls. Nakka relate talaga sya 🖐 #KDramaisLifeu

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  12. Nakakatuwa! Specially number 10!

    Ako super noob sa kdrama like a year pa lang ako nanonood. I admit I looked down on kdramas before pero kinain ko lahat at obsession ang kinalabasan. I’m trying to catch up with a lot and natuwa ako I stumbled on your page. 😚😉❤

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  13. Fangirling goals ka talaga bes😍😍😍 hope to see you in person. Saranghae! Hihi😘

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  14. I got you! I also like Kdrama because of the story line and lots of hot oppas 😀


  15. I definitely have to agree!!! I literally laughed out loud about reading the eng subs fast. #ParkHaejIn is oppa of all time


  16. OMG! relate na relate lalo na ang number 8 dahil yan ang pinagdadaanan ko ngayon 😀 tagal kong naka move on sa weightlifting fairy buti nalang nag air na ang fight my way

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  17. hahah lol kdrama+korea=addiction omg korean drama’s i love them, you have said everything that i say to people when they ask me this question


  18. Bet na bet ko po ang:
    #5. Mahilig po talaga ako sa mga gwapong second lead at kontrabida HAHAHAHA idk why. Kakapanood ko pa lang po ng hwarang at crush na crush ko po si ban ryu 😍 send help

    #7. KOREAN OSTs ARE THE BEST. Yung tipong kapag narinig mo po ay kikilabutan ka na at babalik sayo lahat ng feeeeels

    #8. Agree na agree ako dito. Para naman po sakin: every new kdrama = NEW OPPA 😍


  19. Reblogged this on FLASHBACK and commented:
    Kakatuwa naman ang post na ito… #RelateMuch ako… April 2017 lang nung nilamon na ako ng #Kdrama… Bakit ba kasi na-late na ako maging KDrama fan? Dami ko tuloy hahabulin….


  20. Ay! Last po totoo! The Oppa, the location, the food, the bff and ang love triangle. Parang gusto mong maranasan lahat! Thank you Ms. Anj!:)

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