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How to Join Fansigning Event in Korea + Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever dreamed of talking to your favorite Kpop artists face to face while holding their hands? Telling them how thankful you are for their lives and how much you love them? Have you ever imagined hearing your name to be called by them and telling you that they love you too?

Have you ever dreamed of talking to your favorite Kpop artists face to face while holding their hands? Telling them how thankful you are for their lives and how much you love them? Have you ever imagined hearing your name to be called by them and telling you that they love you too?


To experience that, you need a once in a lifetime encounter with them and it’s easier imagined than done. One of the ways on how you can meet and greet your Kpop faves is to attend a fansigning event. Getting into fansign isn’t that easy. Well, maybe it is for some but not with what I’ve experienced. Buying hundreds of albums doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get in.

So before I headed to South Korea, I told myself that to experience it is just a bonus. I’d still be happy with or without it. What’s more important then was being able to support my bias group during their comeback promotions.

How I was able to do it? Here are some tips and FAQs:

  • Know their Fansigning Event Schedule

You can get updates by joining their official fancafe, following their social media accounts and of course, ask your mutuals or for help you if are not that active on social media.

Sample Fansigning Event Notice thru Fancafe

For comeback promotion, they usually announce the fansign event schedule a week (or less) before the event and the announcement of winners is done 2 to 4 days prior the event. But the schedule could be as tight as 1 day notice only depending on the artist’s schedule.

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Based on the sample above:

Participation Period: December Nov 14~16

Announcement of Winners: Nov 16

Fansign Event Date: Nov 18

Participating Store: Bandi and Lunis (Konkuk University)

No. of winners: 100

  • Buy Albums or Merch at the Participating Stores

Knowing their schedule isn’t enough. You have to buy their albums or the products that they are endorsing for you to be able to join the event. You must buy it from the participating stores.


Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Am I automatically qualified if I buy?

You will be qualified for an entry then winners are usually determined thru a lottery.

  • How many should I buy?

Buying more means more entries but it doesn’t guarantee success. I know someone who bought more than 70 albums but didn’t get in. Another only bought 8 albums and she got in. I guess if it’s meant for you, it’s meant for you.

  • Can someone buy on my behalf?

For onsite shops, most of the time, yes. If you know someone who’s in Korea already then she/he can buy it for you and input your details on the entry coupon given by the store. Just make sure that it will match the details on your passport.

  • How would I know if I won?

The participating stores will provide a link where you can see the list of winners.

  • If you buy hundreds of albums, do you handcarry them?
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I used to when I was new to these things and I swear it was exhausting. Imagine carrying hundreds of album (times it’s weight which is roughly .8kg) around Seoul? But I learned that you can request for a delivery to your hotel or guesthouse straight from the CD shop for a minimal fee. If you also do not want to put them in your luggage bag going back to the Philippines, you can just send it thru LBC balikbayan box which usually takes 3 to 4 weeks.

  • How long does the fansign usually take?

An interaction usually lasts 1 to 2 minutes per artist.

  • What to give during fansign event?

It depends on you. You may give them letters, food and other novelty items. Cute items like a plushy hat with moving ears get more attention from the artists so higher chances that the fansites will capture your gift on their cameras.


photo credits to @hyunsiktime

Here are some of the gifts that I gave to BTOB members on their fansigning event during ‘This Is Us’ album promotion.


photo credits to my6destiny

  • What language should I use to talk to them?

If they can speak in English then you can just speak to them in English. If you can speak in Korean then you can talk to them is Korean. They actually appreciate it if foreign fans try talk to them in Korean language.

  • Am I allowed to take photos or selfies during the meet and greet?
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For most of the fansign events, you are not allowed to bring your phone or camera during the meet and greet. Even a recorder is not allowed if the agency is strict. But other agencies allow the fans to take photos from their seats. Good thing I brought my tripod that’s why I was able to do a live coverage thru Annyeong Oppa’s Facebook page.

  • How did you manage to stay alive?

I actually do not know. I thought I was gonna cry but I didn’t. I managed to stay calm (outside) and I was just smiling the whole time. But deep inside, I died. I couldn’t even. I lost my ability to even.

  • Did you wash your hands after?

I washed it the following day. How could I if my bias held not just one but both of my hands?!

Being new to Kpop, I was clueless on how I could possibly see my faves and interact with them that was why during my first Korean comeback experience in 2017, I failed to see even just a shadow of them. In 2018, I prepared a lot more and did more research so I couldn’t miss the chance of seeing them again before the military enlistment of some of them.

Hopefully this article will somehow help you if you’re also planning to join a fansigning event in Korea. Here are other ways on how you can see them.

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