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10 Easy questions to answer that seems to be difficult for many K-drama fans

Being a South Korean drama fan takes all the courage, effort, and time. In which, before entering this kind of world, you need to be clear with yourself about your limits. So that, it will not be too late for you to save yourself from getting drown in K-dramas and its other affiliates. Although you can avoid being too drown in the Hallyu world, it is still inevitable for many to get too attached in K-dramas and in Hallyu artists.

In fact, you will not just put your heart on the line by being part of the Korean Wave, but you will also risk your wallet in here! Despite knowing that fact, many fans still try to enter the K-drama world with all their heart. Do you know the reason behind it? Maybe because of the fact that almost all the K-dramas are incomparable and just too perfect to be true. Next, it could be because of the prominent actors and actresses with great acting skills. Then, it could also be the official soundtracks that keep on making them feel the last song syndrome. Lastly, it could be plainly because of the happiness and satisfaction it gives them.

Moreover, if you are a K-drama fan or have a friend who is one of us; you will definitely notice that there are various easy questions to answer that seems to be difficult for many K-drama fans. Wherein, you need to be careful in asking them or else, they might end up getting tense, pressured, might even cry over it, or will try to avoid answering you.

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Have you ever noticed that or experienced it yourself? If yes, you can surely relate on the 10 easy questions to answer below that seems to be difficult for many K-drama fans! Are you all ready, mga bes?

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1. What is your favorite K-drama?

If you knew to yourself that you are addicted on K-dramas, being asked what’s your favorite series is so hard to answer. You might suddenly get the top answer but another K-drama title will pop up on your mind. Admit it or not, mga bes, it is seriously so hard to pick one K-drama as your favorite.

2. Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Telling your friends that you love several actors and/or actress is so easy to do. However, when you are finally being asked who’s your favorite among them, you’ll suddenly get dumbfounded and ask yourself; “Sino nga ba?” Although there are fans who never get to struggle in answering this one, many cannot still decide who should it be. You might just say that you love this one oppa or unnie the most, but your conscience will then hunt you; “Akala ko ba, ako lang?”

3. Leading man or second lead?

As much as we truly love the leading man, there would always be these times when we’re getting torn between choosing the leading man and second lead as “the one” for the leading lady and as our oppa. But guess what! Most of us might have experienced crying for how many days because our main oppa gets so broken in the drama.

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4. What time are you going to sleep?

Not yet done watching the drama and it seems to be too great to be true? Then, are you willing to watch the next episodes the next day thinking that you should have just finished it? Or are you going to finish it within the night then will regret it the next day for not having enough sleep?

“Last episode na talaga ‘to!” Sounds familiar?

5. Eat, sleep, or K-drama?

Imagine, you’re in the middle of watching a great scene in a drama; are you will to pause it for you to eat or get a sleep, or not?

6. Will you start watching the ongoing K-drama or let it be finished first?

“Maganda ‘yan, panoorin mo na!” said by your friend. Yet, the drama is still ongoing and you know how hard it is to wait and wait for the next episodes with English subtitles. Will you dare to watch it or wait for it to be finished first?

“Pero maganda kasi talaga, bes!”

7. Study for an exam or watch one last episode?

Being a student who is a K-drama fan is joyful but difficult to some. Wherein, if you have started watching a great series then there is a surprise quiz or exam the next day, you’ll get torn between satisfying yourself with the goodness of the drama or will study for the exams the next day.

“One exam will not define you,” they said. But, “One time may happen again and again until you cannot save yourself from doing it.” Mga bes, a good K-drama can wait, yet your exam in school will just be given once; choose wisely what should be the top priority.

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8. Will you reply to the person who sent you a message or let the episode be finished first?

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“Turn off chat muna ako.”

9. Spend money for your self or save it for oppa?

Who is more important between you and your oppa? Just kidding, mga bes! You can still see your oppa up close without making yourself suffer from not eating well. Click here and check out the tips on how to save money for your favorite’s concert/fan meet.

10. Are you ready for your bias/oppa/unnie to get married?

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Last but not the easiest to answer by many K-drama fans. Right?

Loving your bias/oppa/unnie is so great to do and addictive. However, we should accept the fact that they also need to live their own lives and be happy. That’s why, we need to be ready with this scenario. Although it will be so hard at first but we should be happy with what makes them happy as well, right?

Just a final reminder, mga bes! Always fangirl responsibly. As mentioned a while ago, always choose the top priority which is the right thing that will do you good. As much as you can; have enough sleeping hours, eat well, and take a rest so you will be healthy while waiting for your bias to visit your country!

Feel free to share your feels with us! You all can also leave your comments below.

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