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5 Emotional Stages You Go Through Once Your Celebrity Crush Is Confirmed To Be Dating

Once you've heard that your celebrity crushes are dating (and it's not you), you usually go through these 5 emotional stages:

Being a fan of celebrities gives you that unexplainable feeling of excitement and joy. You would always find yourself searching for latest news and updates about them; saving their photos on your phone and using it as your wallpaper and lockscreen; and sometimes even going to their live shows to meet them. Aside from admiration, they also become your inspiration and aspiration.

Knowing your celebrity crushes even more, it’s not impossible for you to love them romantically and sometimes even daydream of being their real-life partners. Who wouldn’t be a ‘marupok’ in this fangirling world?

And once you’ve heard that they are dating in real life (and it’s not you), you usually go through these 5 emotional stages:

1. Shookt

You are usually ‘shookt‘ upon hearing the dating news of your celebrity crushes. More so if you do not have any hint of them dating at all.

2. In search for truth

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Then you will start searching for truth. You will read all articles about them dating and will look for all the photos and videos even though your family, friends and mutuals have already sent you multiple screenshots as proof. Because for some reason, you wanna see it for yourself, firsthand.

3. In denial

Sometimes even with the truth in front of you, you are still in denial. You do not want to believe it first. (Insert EXO’s D.O. ‘I can’t believe’ line). You wanna hear it straight from your celebrity crushes themselves or even just thru their gency.

4. Hurting

Then once everything has been confirmed, you will somehow feel like a part of you is hurting. It’s not that you’re not happy for your celebrity crushes but admit it or not, you’re somehow hurting. Other people may not understand you and tell you that you are selfish, but that’s how you really feel. You are happy for them but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel sad too. Your feelings are valid.

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Sometimes you would end up staying away from social media to stop reading all the news about it or would tell your friends to stop tagging you and sending you updates.

5. Acceptance and Moving on

After a while, you will eventually learn to accept that your celebrity crushes have to be with someone who can love them and be with them (since you can’t do it yourself hehehe). They are human too just like you and they deserve to be with someone they love. If you truly love them like what you always profess then you should still support them for their life decisions.

But in some cases, you just go though 1 and 5, and that’s okay too.

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